Laura and Max

This was found on the floor one rainy weekday night.

I Am Soooo Big

These were left at an old police station.

Stuffed Fang

My best friends found this and felt they should give it to me, I’m not sure how to take it. They found it on a suburban street. We think it must be stuffed.

Underpants Man

Found this outside a pub, I like the mix of upper and lower case in the title.


I found this last summer in a pile of leaflets on a bench in Bristol.

Scruffy The Space Horse

Whilst on a trip around a toy museum, I found this. Evidently it’s a drawing of a possible toy design, one which would make the inventor millions, as it is pure genius. Scruffy has become something of a legend to my friends.

Sort It Out

I found this to-do list on the floor of the medical library at the university. My favourite is “Stop attacking girls you don’t fancy.”