Not Quite Divorced Yet

Found this interesting note in a parking lot outside of an Indian restaurant. Was it discarded with no follow-up? Or, had Jill and Karen gotten together that very evening at the Indian restaurant? What not-quite-divorced-yet plans might have been set between these two?

Make a Rude Video

I assume this was a tearful love letter after a breakup with his/her lover. It really just speaks for itself. It made me chuckle for a long while. Enjoy!

Cover Girl

I found this item in a drawer of a sewing machine from the 1970s. I bought the machine for fifteen dollars at a fundraising garage sale for Boy Scouts about four years ago. It is written on the back of a blank Allstate Insurance Inspection Report. I still wonder if she ratted the cheater out.

Pick Me

I found this on the Grand Valley State University campus the other day. Either L didn’t give the letter to the person it was intended for, or L wasn’t the one he picked. Either way, it is sad and interesting all at once.

Roses Are Dead

My husband, who works at a middle school, found this in the computer lab. Apparently it was a rough draft because it was typed up on the computer and adorned with different graphics. Most of them, obviously, were roses.


Gotta love a break-up note written on black cat stationery.

So Over

This tiny post-it note was stuck on a handrail at the Wellington Railway Station. I walked past it but it was too good and I had to go back and get it for FOUND.


Found in the honeymoon haven of California.

Slow Learner

My husband found this while working under a house one day. My question: who are they pointing fingers at, and why? The suspense may be my demise.