Try Hz Ass Out

I found this outside of a shopping center. Sounds like this mother and daughter have open lines of communication regarding sex.

I Am The Victim

I found this note a couple of years ago in a waiting room at the end of the day, when I was working in a project giving advice to young homeless people. None of my co-workers recognized or could work out whose it was.

Locks, Scissors, Paper

I found this picture on a bridge in Munich, near Central Station. It’s printed on Hewlett-Packard paper, so I assume it’s a computer printout.

Freelance Boyfriend

I found this while walking around my college campus. The back reads: “Project save the end of my summer”. My thoughts were why would someone who is clearly bold, proactive and extremely extroverted need to solicit for a boyfriend? Then again who would agree to be boyfriend in a relationship that by design was never … Continued

Do You Hold Hands?

This note was found in my friend Cory’s high school locker after, presumably, having been dropped in there by mistake. We found it on 12/3/2000 and I kept it in my wallet for the next 10 years. On the heavy side, I was an American high school student and this was a year and a … Continued