Freelance Boyfriend


FOUND by Charlie Grillo in Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut

I found this while walking around my college campus. The back reads: “Project save the end of my summer”.

My thoughts were why would someone who is clearly bold, proactive and extremely extroverted need to solicit for a boyfriend? Then again who would agree to be boyfriend in a relationship that by design was never going to last? What would this “nothing to lose”, “the end in near” type of attitude have on the conventional dating experience? The whole idea seems like a setup to a cheesy rom-com, but fact usually is stranger than fiction, so who knows what this summer will hold.

Hugs, Then Hands


FOUND by Emily Weakley at a children’s clinic

I found this letter while straightening up the waiting room at a children’s facility. I look at all of the patients we saw that day to see if I could find their name so we could return the letter, but we couldn’t find it. It was too cute to throw away!

Do You Hold Hands


FOUND by Mike Adams in Warsaw, Indiana

This note was found in my friend Cory’s high school locker after, presumably, having been dropped in there by mistake. We found it on 12/3/2000 and I kept it in my wallet for the next 10 years. On the heavy side, I was an American high school student and this was a year and a half after the Columbine shootings. The sort of 1950′s sock-hop innocence of this note helped me remember that the entire world wasn’t always going to hell all the time. It kinda gave me perspective.

I love the way she emphasizes the words “Sometimes”, “care about”, and “one” with an underline in the second paragraph. I also love the question, “Do you hold hands?” Some of her turns of phrase are pure genius.

Also, caught your show in Bloomington last night. Thanks for coming to our little town! the show was great, and I hope you had a good time!