Dear Edward

In Charm City, we learn something new about our neighbors every day.

Safe Sex

I found this one and I’m VERY pleased to make my first submission to FOUND!!

Book Report

Well, at least he was being truthful.

One Down

I found this list on a sidewalk on the north side of Chicago. I love that the titles at first seem incongruous, but there’s a definite pattern that emerges. The pattern becomes clearer when you turn it over to find a few more classics listed, including “Hamlet,” “Walden,” “The Great Gatsby” and “The Catcher in … Continued

Under The Reading Rainbow

I didn’t know kids even read that stuff these days! Perhaps the Big Buddie assigned it? Being from the Midwest, I am heartened.

Touch You

The book this was FOUND in looked like it hadn’t been read; sad to think Matt didn’t reach Colin the way he had hoped to.