A Plea for Understanding

This find came from a used book I purchased from Blue Cloud Books on Amazon. The paperback copy of “An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness” by Kay Redfield Jamison arrived in the mail and I started flipping through the pages. On the inside cover I discovered a personal inscription someone had written … Continued


I found four papers stuffed into the back of the seat in front of me in the auditorium. Pierce clearly wasn’t having a good day as the papers included a brochure, a school schedule, a failing report card, and this. I hope he returned Touching the Void.

The Grease on My Pizza

I was with my friend opening up my new textbooks for school when i dropped my used copy of The Great Gatsby.

Hitting the Books

This printout left behind from a patron at the Bloomingdale Branch of the NY Public Library tells such a fantastic story. Number 8 is the final whammy.

101 Movies to Avoid

Found this post-it inside the cover of “101 Movies to Avoid,” a book by Allan Smithee, which of course is the name that movie’s producers or directors give when they don’t want to be known. The reader obviously didn’t think much of the content but it didn’t deter me … I wanted to know what … Continued

Allison, I Know The World Is Killing You

I was getting out of my car today after a recent rainfall and found this Post-It note stuck on the wet pavement face-up behind my vehicle. I normally don’t pickup pieces of paper off the ground but the neat handwriting struck me … so I did. Everyone in the office agreed there must be a … Continued


I found this in the book “What Women Want Men to Know,” by Barbara DeAngelis, PhD.

Teen Fan of Salinger Blasts Biographer

This note was found in a high school library book “In Search of Salinger,” which is a biography of the late author. Salinger filed a lawsuit against the author Ian Hamilton, and the student who wrote this note seems to agree with Salinger about the quality of the book.

The Drug War in Mexico

Found this in a self-help book (coincidently not about Mexico or drugs) in a free community library by my house. I hope Demetria finds all that she wants and more.

Naked Prey

I don’t remember where I found this, but the book titles sure are intriguing.