It’s a Small World

It pictures a young hitchhiker with a rolled up sleeping bag with his thumb out. The car in front of him is about a 1950 Mercury Taxi. So far nothing unusual except for a few things: * I knew that guy. We’d been in high school together. He graduated a year ahead of me and … Continued

This Disease called RACISM

Found on a high school campus; looks like an essay. We liked the use of caps lock for RACISM and thought that the author was innovative and surprisingly eloquent in his ideas…. cool.



I found this in the pocket of a coat from the Salvation Army– this old, poofy coat had this picture in the inside breast pocket. It’s beautiful.

Chile Family Photo

I found this photo on the floor of a bus. Nobody around to reclaim it. Wonder who are these women and children? Who lost it? It seems to be taken in Torpederas Beach, Valparaíso, Chile. Says “year 1941″ on the back.

April 1958

This photo was found in a copy of St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves at the Bordentown library. There is writing in blue pen on the back that says: This is you, Mary and Jimmy. You were 7, Mary was 6 and Jim was 5. You had sat down wanting to watch Captain … Continued