To Mother

Found this in my front yard while mowing.

Bring Her Back, Baby

After dragging my Christmas tree curbside, I found this soggy note next to my mailbox.

Grand Theft Laundry

This note was found posted on a bulletin board in the laundry room of a housing community on the University of Central Florida campus.

Do You Realize?

I don’t know who these people were, I don’t know if the note was actually delivered or just written as a sort of catharsis, but the whole story is right there.

Camera Obscura

Walking out of my apartment, around the corner from the LA Community College, I found this dirtied folded piece of paper. Being across the street from a college, there is always paper flying everywhere. My neighbors and I have put a garbage can on the corner to try and encourage students not to litter on … Continued

The Tattler

Found at the town dump tucked inside a mostly unused box of stationery. Way to go Marilyn!

Bitch Bag

Found outside my school. The heart at the end seems a little ironic.

Little Miss Popular Pants

I found this on the sidewalk outside our realtor’s office. One would have to wonder what would cause someone to write this down on a 3×5 card.