I Have to Go

Found on a high school staffroom table.


I saw this on the bathroom wall of the arts department. I have never heard anyone say “hella” until I came to this school and met Nor Cal people.

Taking A Piss

I found this sign in the one of the bathrooms in my office building. Obviously someone got pretty pissed off when they went to sit on the toilet!

In the Beastwoom

This was found at a payphone in a downtown shopping mall.

Take Me To The River

My friend lives in a complex frequented by homeless people as a short cut. Apparently they were using the semi-hidden porches in the parking lot area to poo in privacy. In an act of desperation this sign was put up, begging them to stop. I stole the sign; it wasn’t up for very long.

I, Uh, “Won’t”

I found this crumpled up in a little ball on the floor of a beauty parlor washroom sometime back. It’s now hanging in my own bathroom.

Splenda User

I found this in a bathroom on campus. There was no pencil attached but there were other similar postings around the walls of the bathroom with Splenda packets taped to them.

Don’t Worry

I found this note while sorting through my mother-in-law’s papers after her death. She had an amazing sense of humor and never threw anything away.

Brusha Brusha Brusha

I found this picture outside of the movie theater where I work. The picture itself is blurry, and it’s stamped April 1987 on the back. Brusha brusha brusha!

From One Extreme to the Next

I found this sticky note in the bathroom at my workplace. I don’t know who wrote it, but it was a good reminder that even in the most sterile, professional environments people are constantly struggling with an inner life.