Found on the floor of a bathroom before I interviewed for a position as an editor at a magazine.

No Vomit in Sink

I was visiting a company’s swanky modern office, and I found this in the bathroom. I immediately burst out laughing, and all sorts of images came into my head of a post-drink-binge-morning-after-run-to-bathroom-vomit (and not quite making it to the toilet). And the outrage and disgust of maintenance when they find the hurl in the sink. … Continued

If You Don’t Hit

This was found taped above the toilet in a diner/gas station, in the Southwest part of the state. I’m guessing there must have been a pattern of not hitting the commode to warrant this note.

Bathroom Break?

When I got back to work after my vacation, this note was waiting in the ladies’ room, on the door of the middle stall (this toilet does have a weak flush). My friend told me it had been up for a while and she thought her manager had put it up (from the handwriting). I … Continued

Take Care!

I found this stuck to the door of the women’s restroom during my first week at a new job… made me wonder what I had gotten myself into.

Bums Hangout

Found this on a door downtown. This is obviously a bum hangout.

Hott Date

This was in a Hawaiian fast food men’s room. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I Have to Pee

Found at a local college after an academic competition.

Please Flush Twice

Found this on the wall behind the toilet in the Risley bathroom. Shows some tension between two universities close together.

I Have to Go

Found on a high school staffroom table.