Thanks for Teaching Me My Lesson

I found this on 37th St. in Baltimore’s Hampden. The handwriting says “grade school,” but there’s some very weird and adult dynamics going on here.

Stuck on Love

While cleaning up the auditorium after a symphony performance, I found this Post-It note stuck to a discarded program. It was “college night” that evening, and I think the note was most likely drawn by a student from the art school down the street. I like the fact that this small thing evokes such strong … Continued

Best Fortune EVER!

I found this on the steps at the gym. I love it. Somehow I can’t get over the fact that God will give me everything I want, not everything I need.

Wish List

Hamden, known for its Christmas light display on 34th street, has a lesser known New Year’s celebration on the same street. People throng 34th waiting for “our” version of the Times Square ball drop and the eventful Baby New Year appearance. Baby New Year happens to be a tubby middle aged guy wearing nothing but … Continued

Do Not Forget This

I got this five-dollar bill as change at a Japanese restaurant up the street, and was intrigued by the note at the bottom.

Find Another House

Found in the gutter on Ramsay Street. I am most struck by the comment about the stove. It seems to say, “Look, I’m not really thrilled about the dope-shooting in my house, but I could live with it if you were just a little more conscientious about turning off the stove when you were done.” … Continued

Decided To Finish

This was in a used book. It feels like notes for a speech, but that doesn’t seem right.

Gang Aft Agley

I found this at Johns Hopkins University. It was on the ground on Art Museum Drive, just a couple hundred feet north of 29th St.

Feminine Masculine

Someone left this on the circulation desk in October of 2002. I guess it’s advice/commands for drag ball participants. My favorite line is the last one.

Always Watching

I found this on my car windshield last fall. My girlfriend and I now close the bedroom blinds.