Under the Bed

I was walking down Eastern Avenue one rainy day and saw this lying on the sidewalk.

Bertha and Mom

Found this old school small square black and white photo of “Bertha and Mom” (so it states on the back) while walking to work the other day at the corner of S. Charles St. and Ostend St. in Federal Hill, Baltimore. It was in the gutter and had been driven over numerous times, but when … Continued

Fat Lip

The best thing about living in a city with a huge art school are the finds.

Penn Sucks

I moved into a new apartment in Baltimore and started drinking early with some friends to celebrate. Needless to say, I forgot I parked my car in a small alleyway to move my things in through the backdoor. I woke up the next morning with this note on my car, which has a Pennsylvania license … Continued

I Have the Right

I found this drawing at Patterson Park. I don’t think this needs a big story behind it; it seems to speak volumes on so many levels.

Sexy’s Seat

I was at a music festival and I found this note scrawled in what looks like eyeliner on a cocktail napkin and left on a chair.


Found this while walking to work the other morning. Glad this kid is no longer sick.