Hello World


FOUND by Sallie under the autumn leaves on a tree lined street in Clapham, South London, England

A beautiful moment where a proud papa looks down adoringly on his newborn daughter (I’m assuming this is the relationship). She almost fits entirely into his two hands! On the back a child, presumably an older version of the babe in the photo, has written: “This I will definitely keep.” Very sad to think that she was not able to hold on to the picture. I almost think it may have been thrown away in anger, perhaps?

Starting Early


FOUND by Kinsleigh

It was somewhere around my 12th birthday when my mom bought me a teen devotional from a thrift store. I was flipping through the book when this picture fell out. I showed it to my mother. She told me to pray for her. So I did. And I have been, for years now.

I have always secretly hoped that I might meet her one day, and she’ll be living a pleasant, wonderful life.