Baby Blues

Polaroid of baby with headphones from November of 1966 that I found in a thrift store.

Baby in a Bucket

Found this where I used to work 2+ years ago. I’ve been keeping it ever since. Thought you might like it.

From the Farm

I found this while checking out an abandoned farm here near St. Peter. I discovered an old photo album which had obviously been wasting away in what was left of one of the sheds. Years of weather had taken its toll, but there, tucked towards the center was this picture in almost perfect condition.

Baby on a Blanket

I found this while playing in a makeshift club I created in my crawl space. Other old postcards were also discovered.

Lots to Give Thanks For

I found this at Ashby Bart in 2002. I always wondered who this kid was and why his mom or dad sat him on the table next to the paper turkey.

Fifteen Years Ago

I found this really cute baby picture a few blocks from my house. “September 1981″ is printed on the back the picture.

Eating Reminder

Found this in my parking garage. I think it’s a reminder to someone who is pet sitting, but my girlfriend thinks it’s a reminder to a pregnant woman.

New Childcare Technique

This sketch of an innovative new technique for quieting crying babies was found in a van after a day of summer camp in a North Shore suburb.

A Real Little Scot

Wal-Mart used to have a little plastic box that said FOUND PHOTOS. We used to take the ones that looked interesting. Here is one of my favorites. The back reads “A Real Little Scot.”