If Looks Could Kill

My friend and I found this wedged between two tables at a local bar. It was 80′s night karaoke. Someone was singing Heart’s “If Looks Could Kill.”


Found walking down Kent Street. We think it’s a couple just after a baby is delivered.


I found this in a study cubicle on campus. I wonder what they are going to name their baby!?

The Two Angels

I found this on the street a few years ago.

Mullet Baby

I found this on the Boston University campus.

Baby Between Sheds

My friend Amy found an old photo album and she gave it to me after I showed her Found Magazine #1. This little girl’s name is Jacqueline and the album follows her through the 3rd grade. In this photo she is 6 months old.

Chinese Ballet

I found this on the sidewalk outside of Bazini’s.

JoY at JCP

Found this pic on the floor at JCPenney, Home Department.


My dad bought some property in this little town called Iola. There was an old barn and farmhouse on the property and I have found lots of cool antiques in the barn. I was helping to take the old sheet-rock off the walls and this fell next to me in the biggest bedroom.

Kid in the Crowd

When I saw this wallet-sized picture on the ground, old and clearly battered, for some reason I knew I had to take it with me. It just seems like it was so special to somebody, I’d hate to see it go to waste.