Kid in the Crowd

When I saw this wallet-sized picture on the ground, old and clearly battered, for some reason I knew I had to take it with me. It just seems like it was so special to somebody, I’d hate to see it go to waste.

Vampire Baby

We found this on the ground as we were getting into the car. We like to think that this picture contains the actual soul of the vampire baby, and the only way to escape its torment is to get rid of the photo. Now that we have it, who knows what we’ll become?

Lost Our Minds

I found this picture as I stumbled from the R Bar one Saturday night. Although the picture was covered in snails and pollen I knew it was worth saving. It wasn’t until I flipped the picture over to read the note that I realized it was really worth sharing.

Akita and Overalls

This photo slipped out of a stack of used books I purchased at a library sale in central Arkansas. I don’t know which book it came out of, but it was a dog or cat book. The back of the photo says Nov. 1976. I think it is adorable. If I were the owner of … Continued


Jonathan Swift got it wrong – the babies will feast on the adults!

Old Blue Eyes

Found this picture on the street while walking down to the park. The baby looks real cute and has a big smile but the effects, from a bad print job and laying in the street for some time, make it look a little freaky.

Ultrasound Bookmark

I found this in a young adult book at my library. I wonder if the person who left it was using it as a bookmark and forgot it (which still begs the question why you’d use an ultrasound picture of a baby for a bookmark, but to each their own, right?), or if they left … Continued

Crib Baby

I found this adorable, old, weathered baby picture inside one of the sheds they have up on display at Lowe’s Home Improvement. Unfortunately, nothing was written on the back, but if I had to guess I’d say it was taken back in the 60′s sometime.