No Stealing Babies

I was at a charity book sale a couple of years ago and came across this, tucked in a copy of Moby Dick. I was sort of disturbed by it. I just came across it in my wallet again, and figured I’d post it here.

The Twins

I’m always coming across lost things where I work — including the sweatshirt I’m wearing right now. Well, I found that yesterday. Today’s find was from the floor outside my room. I call it, “The Twins”. I believe it’s from an instant camera.

Glamour Shot

My kids and I were sitting in the grass near a parking lot eating ice cream and we found this picture. Even my 5-year old though it was bizarre and laughed, “why is this baby holding two apples?”

The Madonna and Child, Chicago

I was walking home with my boyfriend, Pharth. We are both Polaroids takers and he recognized the shape of it right away. It was half hidden among the leaves and trash at a construction site. We were so surprised to find such a wonderful Polaroid in such good condition!

A Tiger Behind the Wheel

I found this in an outside zipper compartment of a purse I bought at a garage sale in Oklahoma. This can’t possibly be this little girl’s real hair, and I really hope she wasn’t planning on driving after the picture was taken, although she seems to take herself pretty seriously and probably THOUGHT she was … Continued

Mama Said

We were sitting down for dinner at a local Greek restaurant when my husband found this under the napkin dispenser on the dining table. We can’t help but try to imagine what would make a child write and hide this note. And mom is wrong– babies do indeed smile.

Want to Expect

I’m not sure what to say about this. It was found in a book at a thrift store.