Chipmunk Cheeks and Gargling Nails

I am a music teacher. I was working backstage at an all-state music concert for high school students. Someone turned this over to me and I wasn’t able to find the owner. As I started reading the first sentence I imagined a sick grandmother writing to their grandson, then it became obvious this was a … Continued

Waited to Kiss You

Found this in the parking lot after an art show, stuffed it in my car, found it again when cleaning it up. Double-find!

Play Date

I found this Post-it note on the sidewalk while walking with my daughter. Love the bee, flower, grass, sun and cloud… I also like how Maiya’s friend switched to the red pen. Hope they had fun.


Found during the holiday season at Cary Towne Center Mall. Believe in you always!


This was one of two crumpled sheets of paper I found in an otherwise empty trashcan at the back of an old hardware store. The other sheet was covered with hearts and had “I love my dog. I love you God.”

Gonna Pounce!

It’s a polaroid of a kitten. Everybody loves kittens!

Wisk You Away

I found this note on the ground at my local dog park in Highland Park. I went to pick it up and throw it away when I noticed what it was. The only people that go to this park are ones with dogs, so I hope that their dogs like each other too! Although I … Continued

A Nice Home

Stuck between the seat cushions at The Majestic Diner.

They’re Hard to Get, but I Know a Guy

I’m a member of Shakespeare To Go, a company that performs theater for school children. I found this ticket in an elementary school’s multi-purpose room.