Good Luck

I found this in the local park. Sounds very, VERY bitter!

Rude Bitch

I found this note on the road near Central station. In a way it encapsulates what’s wrong with today’s society: the notion that two wrongs make a right.

John Laws

I found this on the 311 bus to Newcastle. Seems the author has even trimmed the bus pass’ size. I agree with it though- I hate that old talkback bigot.

My Soping List

I found this sweet little item outside the fruit market in Broadway Shopping Centre. Emma’s spelling is certainly very creative; I hope she got her lollies.


Gotta love a break-up note written on black cat stationery.

Birthday Greetings

I found this among our twin sons’ 10th birthday detritus. Okay, so Conor’s not perfect, but does Ramon have to be so honest about it?

Your Breath Stinks

This was discovered after rubbish night, a runaway from a recycling bin, trapped against other mutinous pieces of trash in the gutter. I picked it up because I remembered being a kid and making jokes about people with stinky breath and the jokes being hilarious… when stinking breath was one of the worst things you … Continued

Thought You Might

I found this post it on my way to the supermarket on Smith street. It made me smile and brightened my day… funny how the smallest things can.