The Cat Ate It!

I found this card whilst helping with a carpet re-furb for a large hotel. I picked it up, read it and then threw it back on the floor before realising I had finally found something to post! I find it strange that it has been crossed out and “corrected” by what looks like adult hand … Continued


I found this on the street near where I live. I admire Sarah’s initiative and I hope she is doing well.


I found this nailed to a telegraph pole on the corner of my street. It’s an intersection to a busy road, so the chances of lizard survival are fairly grim.


Found this old photo framed underneath the floor boards in my boyfriend’s old house … loved it then and still do. On the back is the stamp of the Army Barrack studio which it was taken.

Can We Talk PLEASE

Found on the floor of an office block in Melbourne Central.

Computer Words

I found this folded up outside the Perth Art Gallery

I’m Not a Hippie

I found this exercise book at Newtown station one afternoon, empty except for this page. Not to sure who it’s addressed to, but I thought it interesting reguardless.

Safe Sex

I found this one and I’m VERY pleased to make my first submission to FOUND!!

Maxine is a Minx

Political advice found on the floor of a train.