Dear Mr. Webb

Found this on the Illawarra Line Train. Lucky he quit on his second attempt- wasn’t going anywhere fast!

The Love Rival

I found this half-finished letter on the ground outside a liquor store, which seemed so fitting after I read it. So many unanswered questions.

Most Democratic

I found this in a phone box in Sandy Bay in 1988, and its been in a scrapbook ever since. Its written on the back of a flyer for a candidate in the state election. Interesting how he/she feels the need to go CAPS halfway through.

101 Movies to Avoid

Found this post-it inside the cover of “101 Movies to Avoid,” a book by Allan Smithee, which of course is the name that movie’s producers or directors give when they don’t want to be known. The reader obviously didn’t think much of the content but it didn’t deter me … I wanted to know what … Continued


I found this walking to the car the morning after a New Year’s Eve party.

Pamper Your Primate

I found this three years ago in a small coastal town RTA (roads and traffic authority) notice board.

I’m Not Too Fat to Fly

Found at a girls’ high school wedged under a table. Very cute, chubby bird flying amongst clouds… and the wonderful one-liner “have a nice life.”

The Same Lonely Person

This tiny post-it note was found stuck to a desk in the library at Uni. It sounds like a serious analysis until you read the poetic and rather depressing final line, when it then sounds like a script from a drama-filled CSI episode!

The Cat Ate It!

I found this card whilst helping with a carpet re-furb for a large hotel. I picked it up, read it and then threw it back on the floor before realising I had finally found something to post! I find it strange that it has been crossed out and “corrected” by what looks like adult hand … Continued