Checking It Twice

I was hauling groceries back to my car I stepped on someone else’s shopping list. Flatly honest sentiment is a rare thing in December. I’ll sneak through the holidays with this stranger’s snit line in my pocket.

Puffy Samples

Note found on the escalator in the Phoenix Airport.

Alyssa’s Journal

While at a conference for work, a group of other attendees wanted to go to this thrift store. I was the only one to find something.

Don’t Need None of Y’all

I was riding my bike along the sidewalk, and I saw this crumpled piece of paper in the grass at the side of the road.


I found this outside the Communication Department at the University of Texas.


All I want to know: what is the relevance of the pink socks? Socks, I understand, but pink ones?

Kindred Souls

My classmates and I were working on a project in an empty dance studio at the University of Texas, and I had a printout of an email another classmate received, detailing the requirements of the project. I accidentally left it in the studio after class one day, and a week went by before I was … Continued

Diso Fever

My son and I were walking through the parking lot of our local grocery store when I came across this little gem. The Saturday Night Fever theme song burst out of my mouth when I picked it up. It’s nice to see that the seventies are alive and well (and misspelled).

Shouldn’t You Be Smart

I found this at the coffee shop where I work. I wonder if whoever wrote on this dollar wanted it to be circulated, thus insulting strangers at random; or, was it meant for someone, written on, crumpled, and tossed into the lap of their fellow 7th grader, only to be inserted later into the snack … Continued