It Is Highly Decorous

I found this on a table in a coffee shop. There were two unused napkins sitting on the table. When I moved them, I noticed this note written on the bottom napkin. I had to look up the definition of “decorous.”

Guest Check

This was found this in a pair of pants purchased from a thrift store.

Better Than the Classifieds

I found this flyer duct-taped to a light pole on 6th Street in the Entertainment District. I’m an advertising major and this caught my eye because I thought it was an awesome guerrilla marketing technique used by some advertiser to get people to call in about their product; but, when I called, the guy told … Continued

Don’t Touch the Saw

I found this Post-it on the side walk at the University of Texas. No sign of a saw.

Light Reading for the Commode

It was strange finding a piece of toilet paper beseeching us to eat more cactus; it was even stranger finding it in a 1972 book on capital punishment.

Baby I’m Sorry

Not to be confused with “Baby, hey I’m sorry…”

I Don’t Go Out with CD-Roms

I found this on the buffet in my mom’s house and asked her where it came from. She said it must have been something she picked up out of her front yard where she often finds such “treasures” from the many children who attend the nearby schools. My first thoughts were how completely embarrassed I’d … Continued

Important Words to Remember

I work at a school for English for students all over the world, and I found this list of vocabulary words in the parking lot. I’m embarassed to admit that I don’t know some of the words on the list, and I have been speaking English for 21 years.

You Can Fly

Discovered on the lawn of the Texas Memorial Museum in fall 2001, while leaving work. At first I thought it an excited inference concerning select evolutionary adaptations of the Texas Pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus, inside the museum. Or maybe an enthusiastic decision on the burning supper issue: pizza vs. hot wings. But it’s so whimsical that it … Continued


Found this on our table at a comedy club.