Tropical Paradise

I picked this up on the street near Central Square. Nothing too special about the content of the note, but I like how it looks like the “dumb ass” is pooping into a magical Tahitian lagoon.

Asshole Parker

I found this note in a Target parking lot in St. Louis one afternoon. It was laying on the ground between two cars, none of which were mine. I’m still trying to figure out if the writer of the note meant to call the bad parker an asshole twice or just forgot to put the … Continued

Not Handicap?

I found this note curbside near where I work in Lincoln Park. Parking around there is a real bitch.

Mixed Messages

I found this note on my way to work. I still have not successfully created an imaginary scenario in which it might have been created. Did two people write it or one?

Who Gave You the Right?

The author was evidently galvanized enough to write the note but not so courageous as to initiate a face-to-face confrontation. Lots of phrases could be used for this find, of course… “Have some respect” at least captures the writer’s motivating emotion. But then again, so does the indignation of his “Who gave you the right?”