The World Needs More Love Letters


FOUND by Leah Eustace

I was walking down the street with my children, when my daughter (age 12) noticed a red envelope tucked into the side of a bench on the edge of the sidewalk. She pulled it out and showed it to me. On the envelope, it said “This is for you. Yes you!” We opened it up and this letter is what we found inside.

I’ve been wavering between sadness and awe. The sadness comes from the loneliness expressed in the letter. I get the sense that this woman (and I’m guessing it’s a woman) could use a friend and warm hug. At the same time, how amazing to share a letter like this. I absolutely intend to pay it forward: not in exactly the same way, but with the same belief in human connectedness.

Dear Stranger


FOUND by Bethany at University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I found this cute little note in the ladies bathroom on Valentine’s Day. I went to reach for a paper towel, and there it was, stuck to the dispenser. Obviously someone wanted to make a stranger smile. It worked! I smiled the rest of the day.

Creepy Like That


FOUND by Carol in Rural Wisconsin

Last week, as I was driving home from work, I noticed a white bag under my windshield wiper blade. I get close to my house and have to wait at the train crossing. I check inside the bag and find this note and a snack bag of chocolate covered Door County cherry raisins, and a plain snack bag of cherry raisins.