Dear Saab Girl


FOUND by Andi Burnham on the car windshield in a parking garage

I parked in a different spot than usual at work, and came out to my car to find this gem tucked under my windshield wiper. Annoyed, and thinking it was a ticket or reprimand for parking where I shouldn’t, I was pleased/disturbed to find this note instead. Typed, printed, and with clearly a bit too much thought put into it.

A Lot Cute


FOUND by Lindsay in her bike handles

I have a cool bike. It’s green and has a classy bell. I found this note attached to my handlebars two years ago. I tore off the number and called. We’ve been together since.

Dirty Licenses


FOUND by Michelle in San Francisco, California

I parked on the street for an appointment, and got back to my car 25 minutes later to find a note on my car. I was thinking, “Oh great, who hit my car? Oh well, at least they left a note.” Then I read it. No name, no contact info listed. How’s a girl supposed to run away with someone when they don’t tell you who they are?