Thrift Store Camera

I found a disposable camera at the Salvation Army and got the thing developed! I think the one of the couple is cute. I imagine they picked up the camera and took a selfie! There is a weird one that looks like a finger or.. something else…


Found while walking home one day.

Double Double

While taking a side street to Brattle Square, I found this little Polaroid gem. Being obsessed with Polaroids myself, I immediately recognized the white boarder that was gleaming, and it was instantly noticeable on the gray ground. I love that this one’s a sort of double exposure: the girl appears twice on the film but … Continued

Dog’s Head

Some kind of liquid had spilled on the sidewalk and taken the shape of a dog’s head.

First Contact

I found this half-mutilated photo negative on the floor of a warehouse about to be torn down. When I scanned it, it looked like an alien or a fetus was staring the guy right in the face, and he doesn’t seem to mind it all that much.


I was digging in my garden and found a little scrap of 8mm film caught in some roots, so I scanned it. The film contains about five frames of a home movie on Christmas morning. Two children are in the frames, a little boy and a little girl, and a decorated Christmas tree is visible … Continued

Pinin’ for the Fjords

My husband found this Polaroid on the street. We’re not sure if the objects surrounding the bird are candles, corks or perhaps wooden pegs.

Untitled #7

Found near road in the bottom of the ditch in the spring, must have been under the snow all winter.

3rd Eye

The day after I found your website I went looking desperately for a “find” and didn’t come up with much. That night, as I was carrying out my custodial duties (collecting the trash at a Hay and Grain office) I caught a glimpse of this photo in a secretary’s trash can. I am stunned that … Continued

Fat Dog

Found in Park Slope.