The Eye of God

Found in a house that once belonged to Thomas Hornsby Ferril, the late poet laureate of Denver. Writing classes and workshops are now held in the building, but in the basement boxes of forgotten items line the walls. This picture was found in a dusty old trunk and was accompanied a letter that was postmarked … Continued

I’ll Meet You at the Cemetery Gates

Lake View Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Cleveland– it has such wonderful art throughout. People like President James Garfield, Eliot Ness and John D. Rockefeller are buried there. My favorite memorial is the angel that sits near the Haserot family plot (). I was just visiting there this weekend when I … Continued

Reinterpreted History

I love the colors this photo has been reduced to. On the back it says, “Emily, high school, 2007! It’s been awesome getting to know you over the years! We’ve had so many fun times (wandering around Walmart!) Good luck with all you do!”

Mysterious Photo

I found this at work (an office store that has a copy center) just sitting on one of the display furniture chairs. I took black and white photography in high school and college, and this looks like someone actually developed it themselves in a darkroom. I was trying to think of how they did it … Continued

Constructing a Polaroid

I was delighted to find this on my walk home from school while passing a construction site. This is the third polaroid I have found on the ground in the past couple months.

Thrift Store Camera

I found a disposable camera at the Salvation Army and got the thing developed! I think the one of the couple is cute. I imagine they picked up the camera and took a selfie! There is a weird one that looks like a finger or.. something else…


Found while walking home one day.

Double Double

While taking a side street to Brattle Square, I found this little Polaroid gem. Being obsessed with Polaroids myself, I immediately recognized the white boarder that was gleaming, and it was instantly noticeable on the gray ground. I love that this one’s a sort of double exposure: the girl appears twice on the film but … Continued

Dog’s Head

Some kind of liquid had spilled on the sidewalk and taken the shape of a dog’s head.

First Contact

I found this half-mutilated photo negative on the floor of a warehouse about to be torn down. When I scanned it, it looked like an alien or a fetus was staring the guy right in the face, and he doesn’t seem to mind it all that much.