Spring Break Budget

I am a professor who teaches large chemistry classes. I found this paper on desk in the back of the class on my way out of the room after a lecture. I looked at it and saw that it was a Spring Break budget with specified categories. Clearly this student had his/her mind on “chemistry” … Continued

Bammanas, Nilk, Weed

I found this in a shopping cart in the parking lot of the local Food 4 Less. Thought it was odd that it was typed. Wonder if they were under the influence of the bammanas when they typed it?

Black Ice

I found this in 1995 on a classroom desk at College of the Redwoods.

For Hookin Shit Up

I found this note out in the country next to a huge water tank. It was written on the back of a business flyer that discussed floral arrangements for children’s parties.

A Straight Nooner

Here’s a scanned image of a note I found last weekend along the American River in Sacramento. The note was lying in some grass alongside the river next to a few empty beer cans (Coors Lite) and some discarded fishing line.

Hot Box

Found on my way into the library.

Panhandlers For Truth

I found this sign a block from ‘The Dope House’, our local head shop in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. I’m thinking it wasn’t that effective since the owner decided to discard it.

Baked Goods

I found this near the high school girl’s locker room. The nicknames are pretty funny, as well as the seemingly drug reference.

Bong after Work

Some guy left this on my table. I’m sorry to say i didn’t take him up on his offer.