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FOUND’s Magazine #9
$5 plus s+h
(December 2013, 96 pages)

In Hot Pursuit. Discover why The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The San Francisco Chronicle have all raved about “the giddy high one gets from this powerful glimpse into the private lives of strangers.” FOUND #9 is by turns heartbreaking and hilarious; each abandoned scrap of paper — plucked off the streets by FOUND readers — is rich with raw, captivating details of the lives being led all around us. The souls you’ll drink up in our latest issue include a woman torn between 3 perfect men, a parade of Hollywood dreamers, and a bike thief with a moral compass. How did one New York playwright respond when he found a baby on the subway? What urgent questions do folks have for a Honolulu psychic? Can a shipwreck in the Great Lakes help a lovelorn suitor win Caitlin’s heart? Learn the riveting answers inside this new issue, and feast your eyes on over 500 other beautiful, mysterious, and dazzling finds from across the U.S. and around the world. Be the first person in your ‘hood to hold the new issue in your hands, and find out why our staff is already calling this our best issue yet!!

FOUND’s Magazine #8
$5 plus s+h
(October 2012, 96 pages)

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword. As The Boston Globe once said about FOUND, the brand-new issue is “like mainlining the everyday world.” FOUND #8 reveals the entire spectrum of human emotion, one lost scrap of paper at a time, and introduces you to an indelible, irascible cast of real-life characters like Yardman, a frustrated husband who’s submitting his letter of resignation, Pedro The Gangbanger, an aspiring screenwriter named Chuck, and Jesse Marquez, a charming school kid obsessed with getting good grades and drinking water. Read the heart-wrenching story of lovers trying to overcome a long prison sentence, and follow a 1950s immigrant on his journey across America by Greyhound bus. Learn about filmmaker Lynn Shelton’s earliest finds, and visit found photo collector John Foster’s secret vaults. Plus an extended, intimate interview with underground rapper Randy Edward Ingram a.k.a. “Biggz” — whose old promo photo was found in an abandoned desk on the street, prompting a search for the man behind the find. FOUND #8 contains hundreds of other magical love letters, to-do lists and journals, found on the streets from Los Angeles to Louisiana, Stockholm to Seoul, each one more intriguing, beautiful, and hilarious than the last. Be the first one on your block to hold the new issue in your hands!!

FOUND’s Magazine #7
$5 plus s+h
(December 2009, 96 pages)
Peek inside FOUND #7!

Feel A Connection. What could be a more powerful way to connect with a stranger than reading the raw and intimate notes and letters they’ve left behind? Open a copy of FOUND #7 and you’ll be dipped into a wide range of captivating lives — a Baghdad-bound soldier, writing raps and reflecting on his flight to Iraq; the Almighty Patrick, a small-town pizza chef who dreams of life as a conqueror in the Middle Ages; two young women swapping the frankest and most hilarious sexual advice you’ll ever read. FOUND #7 contains hundreds of finds discovered from Cleveland to Cameroon, including exotic Post-It Notes, surreal To-Do Lists, rude love letters, and eloquent rejections. Plus interviews with all-star finders Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) and filmmaker Ramin Bahrani, the story of Joel Coen’s lost iPhone, and the true-life tale of Willis Earl Beal, who’s responsible for perhaps the sweetest and oddest looking-for-love flyer ever created. Pick up FOUND #7 now and be the envy of your ‘hood!

FOUND’s Magazine #6
$5 plus s+h
(December 2008, 96 pages)

In My Life. FOUND #6 features stories of birth, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, old age and death. Love stories and hate stories, stories of leaving jobs, friends, and family behind, and making new connections. Folks struggle to keep their homes in the midst of a mortgage crisis; others dream of rock stardom. One guy faces his deepest fears, while another simply longs to have his old face back. Valentines and wedding proposals; a search for a science friend and a search for a dead cat that’s gone missing. Plus, our friends Miranda July and Daniel Clowes share favorites from their own lifelong collections of finds. Be the first one on your block to hold the new issue in your hands!

FOUND’s Magazine #5
$5 plus s+h
(September 2007, 96 pages)
-Peek inside FOUND #5-

The Crime Issue. Take a look at the wrong side of the law! FOUND #5 features a former FBI agent’s life story, prison guard poetry, found notes about arson, pot, and self-amputation, academic crime, crimes of the heart, found eyeballs, found crack, and the story of a guy who found a million dollars in the road. A whole lotta love went into this issue– pick up a copy of FOUND #5 and play a little cops and robbers with us!

FOUND’s Magazine #4
$5 plus s+h
(September 2005, 96 pages)
-Peek inside FOUND #4-

Come Into Our World. Take a peek into Justin Davisson’s world circa 1987 in his letter to Zippy the Pinhead–and then check out Zippy creator Bill Griffith’s 2005 response! Find out what world Rod Serling lived in when he wasn’t navigating TV audiences through the Twilight Zone with pages of “fan” correspondence. Get a glimpse at the everyday world from police reports, a soldier’s letters from Vietnam, and a coed’s steamy-but-businesslike seduction note to her professor. Unwind with the FOUND crossword puzzle, and see what Okkervil River, Classified, and damali ayo have to say about their worlds in FOUND interviews. Plus tons of other amazing notes, letters, pictures, comics, and more!

FOUND’s Magazine #3
$5 plus s+h
(March 2004, 96 pages)
-Peek inside FOUND #3-

Kick His Heart’s Ass– The Love And Heartbreak Issue. FOUND compiles the heart-wrenching, the heart-warming, the sexy, the kind-of-gross, and everything else to do with love! Breakup letters, long-distance relationship letters, sex ed papers–we’ve got all the bases covered. All this and interviews with The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and Popcorn Pete: The World’s Greatest Finder plus tons of found letters, pictures, emails and more!

FOUND’s Magazine #2
$5 plus s+h
(Winter 2002, 112 pages)
-Peek inside FOUND #2-

FOUND gets older, FOUND gets bigger. #2 bursts with the best lost and rediscovered stuff from around the world. There’s a US history lesson courtesy of Justin Hensal (“Paul McCartney was knighted”!). A pitch from the up-and-coming “Asian Oprah”–so you can say you knew about him before he got big. And an amazing story of intrigue, sex, and swords set in China during the 30s. Don’t pass up 100+ pages full of found notes, bulletins, photos, illustrations, plus more!

FOUND’s Magazine #1
$5 plus s+h
(June 2001, 80 pages)
-Peek inside FOUND #1-

The very first one! It’s like looking at FOUND’s baby photos. Check out a list of teacher-stalking license plates (maybe yours is in there). Look to found resumes for inspiration in your own job hunt. Learn all about Hawaii from one woman’s vacation log. Read the inaugural FOUND interview with Lynda Barry. And of course, the find that started it all: Page Me Later. All that, plus loads of found photos, notes, drawings, and more!

$10 plus $3 s+h
(March 2007, 80 pages, full color)
-Peek inside DIRTY FOUND #3 (NSFW)-

In the immortal words of John Waters, “Dirty Found is art-filth folk art that proves everybody’s sex life is secretly touching.” We couldn’t agree more. And while our first two editions landed in bookstores’ “Indie Porn” section, our latest offering will end up in “Just Plain Wrong.” #3′s got a little something for everyone: Superior Mistress. Women in Water. Slave and Toilet. Whatever floats your boat. Grab yourself a copy and marvel at what we all do.

Typically, orders are mailed out a day or two after we receive them. Please be patient, and if you haven’t seen your stuff by the time you should have, drop an email to and we’ll check into it. Thanks!

My Heart Is an Idiot: Essays
By Davy Rothbart

My Heart Is An Idiot, published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux, contains 16 true stories of love and adventure detailing Davy’s life on the road with FOUND Magazine these past 10 years. The book has already been called “achingly funny” by The New York Times and “refreshing in its utter lack of pretension” by The Daily Beast. Dave Eggers says that “Davy Rothbart has the humor and purity of heart you want and need in an observer of contemporary American life,” and Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) says the book “contains some of the most perfect and heartbreaking writing that I have ever read.” The book has also garnered glowing praise from Tom Robbins, The New Yorker’s Susan Orlean, This American Life regular Sarah Vowell, as well as David Sedaris and Ira Glass, among many others. Davy has poured himself into writing this book the past 5 years, and we can tell you that it’s one of the funniest, most fascinating and absorbing books we’ve read in a long, long time. If you like FOUND Magazine, we promise you will fall in love with this book.

FOUND II: More of the Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items
By Davy Rothbart

FOUND II, the follow-up to the acclaimed national bestseller, contains an engrossing, eye-opening assortment of the latest and greatest lost, tossed, and forgotten items — love notes, shopping lists, doodles, and diary entries — from around the world. Whether they are found on city sidewalks, stuck in chain-link fences, tucked into the pockets of secondhand clothing, or on the grass in a school yard, these items give readers an uncensored, poignant, and often hilarious peek into other people’s lives.

David Letterman
“A great book…”
Los Angeles Times
“A fascinating and wonderfully moving collage of human emotion.”
Chicago Tribune
“What’s more irresistible than reading a letter not meant for your eyes? … A quirky lens into the flotsam and jetsam of humanity.”
Boston Globe
“FOUND is a powerful fix for thinking voyeurs.”

FOUND: The Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items
By Davy Rothbart

For the last couple years you guys have been sending us your amazing, hilarious, and heartbreaking finds, and so — thanks to all of you — the biggest FOUND project yet is born into the world. The FOUND book has 211 pages of all-new never-seen-before finds, plus 40 pages of our old-school favorites. We are so proud and excited about this book, and we can’t wait for you to see it. The FOUND book is available at every single bookstore in the U.S.– we hope you’ll race over and check it out! And thanks again to every one of you who has helped create this book by being a part of FOUND these past couple of years– we have mad love for you!

The Washington Post
A treasury of trash, a wonderfully weird collection…a fascinating glimpse into the wackier depths of America’s collective subconscious.
David Sedaris
A fascinating collection. It will break your heart.
Somewhat more banal than so called “reality” programs, and all the more poignant for it, FOUND is an eclectic, sometimes bizarre, and frequently fascinating compilation. An addictive read for the voyeur in you.
David Eggers
The extreme pleasure this book brings is really hard to explain, and the more we try to analyze it, the more troubling our enjoyment might become.

Requiem for a Paper Bag: Celebrities and Civilians Tell Stories of the Best Lost, Tossed, and Found Items from Around the World
By Davy Rothbart

Over the years we’ve been able to share thousands of our favorite finds; now, we get to share some of our favorite stories about finding! When we asked our favorite writers, musicians, artists, and entertainers to share stories with us of their most memorable finds, we had no idea we’d be flooded with so many strange, profound, and hilarious tales. The new FOUND book, Requiem for a Paper Bag, contains 67 short pieces from an amazing clutch of contributors, including Chuck D, Sarah Vowell, Andy Samberg, Susan Orlean, Patton Oswalt, PostSecret’s Frank Warren, Tom Robbins, Dave Eggers, Miranda July, Jonathan Lethem, Chuck Klosterman, David Simon (The Wire), Jenji Kohan (Weeds), Katherine Dunn, Jim Carroll, Jesse Thorn (The Sound of Young America), Andrew Bird, Kori Gardner (Mates of State), Mike Schank (American Movie), Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Steve Almond, Paulo Coelho, Billy Bragg, Kimya Dawson, Damian Kulash (OK Go), Devendra Banhart, and dozens of other fantastic folks.

FOUND Polaroids
Editor: Jason Bitner

Recover the best of FOUND Polaroids in our latest book, a collection of FOUND’s favorite unpublished snapshots. Once tossed and forgotten on city streets, subway cars, and front yards around the world, now compiled into an amazing and eclectic photo collection. Alternately funny, touching, and surprising, each page guarantees the instantaneous pleasure unique to Polaroids. Come take a peek! Where do lost Polaroids go? Lovingly designed by Paul Koob!

San Francisco Chronicle
“FOUND… is a voyeur’s dream. Exploring its pages, one gets a giddy high from its privileged, unauthorized glimpse into the private lives of strangers. Some of the stuff is hilarious, some of it achingly sad or pathetic, but nothing is less than human”
Venus Zine
“Polaroid film is expensive but that doesn’t stop people from forgetting their pictures all over the place. Lucky for all of us, FOUND has been collecting the ones left behind for years, keeping a formidable stash of the blurry, the mysterious, the touching and the unexplainable…”
The Guardian
“It is a brilliantly simple idea: contributors pick litter up and then print their most intriguing finds with no editorial comment beyond the occasional quizzical caption. The result is a kind of eavesdropping, slightly voyeuristic yet utterly compelling.”
Satisfied Customers!
“Today, at long last, I received my copy of the Found Polaroids book. As soon as I opened it I was completely captivated and unable to put it down until I had looked at and read about each and every photo. Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful book. It was completely worth the wait. I am utterly delighted. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful thing and you should all be very proud. Thanks and take care.”

“I got the Polaroid book – thanks so much! I love it. I received it at work and my co-workers kept getting caught up, looking at it.”
- Lorca

“I love the FOUND Polaroids book! I finished it last night. My favorites are:
* the fat guy and the dog in the triangle dog house
* the kid with the chili lights up his nose (arms out strangely, too)
* super freshly-dressed kid at putt-putt golf
* old person in massage chair
* foxy lady in red pantsuit w/ lovely sky”
- Laurie

“DUDE, my girlfriend just busted in with some FOUND Books and told me you finally published the Polaroids Book. I AM STOKED!!! You Rule! Thank you. I have been such a fan since back in the day in New York, buying your mag in that weird independent bookstore on Bleeker and watching Davy make a fool of himself in bookstores from 14th St. to Los Feliz, Cali! Being a part of FOUND completes my ancient memory of first discovering your indie mag in the streets of NY. What you guys do ranks high. Keep up the good work. There are very few projects or artists who I can say I am a fan of; I’m telling you FOUND is on that list!! You RULE and deserve everything, every ounce of success you gain!”
- Jesse

“I’ve been meaning to write to you, as the library copy of the found polaroid book brought much needed sunshine to our doors. Excellent work yet again!”
- Nancy

FOUND’s UK Edition
Editor: Davy Rothbart

Our friends at Cassell Illustrated in the United Kingdom have put together a truly beautiful full-color FOUND book which is packed with our absolute favorite finds from all of the FOUND magazines and the U.S. books. It’s a perfect gift for someone who’s new to FOUND or for the old-school head who’s got the full library. We brought 50 copies home from our recent European tour, but that’s all we’ve got, so once we run out, that’s it. (Friends in the U.K., you can pick up this book at any bookstore or on Amazon. For those of you in the US/Canada, feel free to pick up copies while we still have them on our online store)

The Guardian
“Utterly compelling!”
The Times Literary Supplement
“FOUND is a history of our time as told through scraps of paper left behind.”
The Sun
“The lives of others are hilarious, tragic, and strangely affecting.”

The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas
By Davy Rothbart
“I’ve always drifted around the country a lot, and perhaps what I love most about this kind of travel are the brief, fleeting moments of crossing paths with strangers—-a truck-stop waitress, kids at a basketball court, a guy who’s broken down on the side of the road and needs a jump. These little exchanges, I think of them as FOUND moments; just like the FOUND notes, you get a little glimpse into someone else’s life, enough to make you wonder about the rest of their story. I’m real big into writing stories, and a lot of the time it’s a FOUND note or one of these tiny moments-—a stranger I’ve blundered across for an instant—-that sparks an idea for what I want to write about.
“A few years ago, I was driving on a small two-lane highway through rural Kansas when I saw a bizarre and riveting sight—-a teenage kid had slung a surfboard between two dead tractors in the middle of a cornfield and was balanced on top, like he was practicing how to surf. Here he was, thousands of miles from either coast, the sun setting in glorious colors behind him—-I was mesmerized and sat there watching for ten minutes or so, and then I drove away; I don’t think he even saw me. But that image of him surfing in the cornfields stuck with me, and my curiosity about him kept growing more intense, so finally I decided to write a story about him, imagining what his life was like and what might have happened had our paths intersected. I called the story The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas (Montana is the name of a tiny town in Kansas) and it’s the title story of my new book. I hope you’ll check it out.”

Arthur Miller
“Davy writes with his whole heart. These stories are crushing.”
Ira Glass
“I believe in Davy. He’s a force to be reckoned with.”
The Los Angeles Times
“Funny, flashy… a great whirlwind…”
Entertainment Weekly
“A quirky, perceptive volume…”
Judy Blume!
“It’s always exciting to discover a talented new writer. Davy writes with such energy, wit, and heart.”

Typically, orders are mailed out a day or two after we receive them. Please be patient, and if you haven’t seen your stuff by the time you should have, drop an email to and we’ll check into it. Thanks!

Limited Edition Willis Earl Beal Special Collection
$17.99 plus s+h
It began with a flyer found on the streets of Albuquerque: a young man named Willis Earl Beal looking for love with a nice, pretty girl. When Found Magazine called the number listed on the flyer, we learned that Willis Earl Beal was much, much more than advertised — a bright, kind, curious, and passionately creative soul. The found flyer ended up on the cover of Found #7, with a long, intimate interview with Willis Earl Beal inside. After hearing some of Willis’ beautiful music — alternately haunting and rollicking — we knew that we wanted to help him get his art out into the world. Here, in this Limited Edition Special Collection, Willis’ music, art, and writings are shared publicly for the first time.
Inside each package you’ll find: Willis’ entrancing 17-song debut album, Acousmatic Sorcery; Willis’ writing and art — a story, a poem, a drawing, and a comic; Found #7, with point guard Davy Rothbart’s absorbing interview with Willis; a copy of Leor Galil’s probing Chicago Reader profile of Willis; a personal letter from Willis himself to his new audience; an introductory letter from Davy Rothbart; info for how to get Willis’ brand-new personal cell phone number, and more! Just 200 copies of this Limited Edition set will be made available — order now, they will be gone very quickly!
Check out some songs!
Willis Earl Beal – Away My Silent Lover
Willis Earl Beal – Blue Escape
Read Willis’ profile in the Chicago Reader here!

FOUND Willis Earl Beal T-shirt!
$10 plus s+h

Printed on sexy, soft Alternative Apparel basics, this shirt features Willis Earl Beal’s mission of love and self-portrait. The shirts are printed on the front and back using a discharge process to ensure EXXXTREME SUPPLENESS!
Available in BLACK or GREY.

This American Life – Davy Rothbart
$10 plus s+h

FOUND Magazine’s Davy Rothbart is a frequent contributor to the public radio show This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass, and this double-CD set includes some of our all-time favorites. On Disc 1, Davy tracks down Mr. Rogers for advice about dealing with his neighbors and hustles tickets on the cold streets of Chicago. On Disc 2, Davy investigates the ancient spirit his deaf mom channels and travels with her to Brazil to visit a miracle healer named John of God. Bonus track: Davy shares Found notes with a crowd at the historic Chicago Theater on This American Life’s Live Tour. With 2 CDs and a running time of over two hours, these captivating stories are a must-hear for any lovers of Found or This American Life!

The Booty Don’t Stop CD
$10 plus s+h
An instant classic! A few years back Nigel Morgan found a mysterious, unmarked cassette-tape on the streets of Ypsilanti, Michigan. What he heard was a demo tape with a deep voice rapping over Casio drum beats, and every song was a booty-rap anthem! With a musical aesthetic somewhere between Jay-Z and Wesley Willis, this rapper unwittingly created an album of booty-bliss. After the tape circulated around Southeast Michigan for a couple of years, Morgan brought the tape to us, and we just had to share it with everyone. Right after we released the tapes, the unknown artist came forward – Tim Schreiber!

1. Wave Yo’ Booty in the Air
2. Girl, Yo’ Ass Is So Fine
3. Ass Thwomp
4. Damn! Yo’ Shit Be Up in My Face
5. Wiggle on the Floor
6. Booty Time
7. Booty Flava
8. Booty Shake
9. Booty Don’t Stop
10. Big Booty
11. Tim Schreiber Interview w/ Jonathan Menjivar (MPR)
12. Booty Time (cover by The Sweatpants)
13. Wiggle on the Floor (cover by The Sweatpants)
14. Taste That Booty Flava (cover by The Sweatpants)
15. Booty Girl
16. Wide Ass Whumpin’
17. Botty Bitch Bullshit
18. Ass Bump
19. Booty Coniption
20. Oh My God! (Iss a Booty in Ma Face)
21. Booty Bent Ova
22. Boot Ass Delight
23. Booty Sensation
24. Crooked Ass Booty