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Meece’s Doodle?

Found by Talia in Santa Fe, New Mexico

A few months ago I told a friend of mine about how I had been fixing up a book I own from the 1890s by deacidifying the pages and repairing the bindings. He mentioned he had some 19th century school textbooks in his garage that were falling apart, and I offered to see if I could fix them too. When I opened up a book (printed in 1840) called “The History of Napoleon Buonaparte” (sic) I found this picture in the back, which even my friend hadn’t noticed. Some bored student drew this on a blank page near the end of the book. I have a little bit of knowledge of fashion history, and by the hairstyle I would guess it to have been drawn sometime around 1850. There’s a fair bit of writing in the book that tells some other info: on March 5th, 1842 it was “J.A.B. Fitzgerald’s book” but in May 1859 he gave it to A. Beale Meece, who ultimately sold it to a certain Gelby Moore on October 31st, 1861. A.B. Meece seems to have written his name in the book several times, and might have been the artist of the mysterious cartoon.