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Crippling Infatuation found in Chicken Soup?

Found by Cathy in Bangor

After I broke up with my boyfriend of two years in April, my best friend took me up to Maine to visit some of our old school friends and just get away. We stopped at a Goodwill and did some shopping. I found a copy of Chicken Soup for the Single’s Soul for a dollar and thought what the hell? I bought it to read later and forgot about it until we got back to New Hampshire. I started thumbing through it last night and found this heartbreaking poem/letter in the Finding your Mate chapter. (A small b&w photo of a man was also tucked into the chapter. It looked like a professional studio photo and may be the same person pictured at the bottom of the poem.) My heart just broke when I read it. The writer’s insecurity and sadness are crippling her chances of finding happiness. I wish I could find her or the man she’s so infatuated with and break the ice for them. I told my girlfriend about what I found and she suggested I send it to you.

(Please don’t print my last name. I don’t want my ex to stumble on this and see that I’ve resorted to reading self-help and self-love books. I’d like him to believe I’ve never been happier.)


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