I am capable

I found this battered little note on the sidewalk in front of my house. It looks like someone was trying to do some real self-help work.


A favorite from a roll of found film I got developed.

Anti Fourth of July

Found on the sidewalk in a photo book entitled “Anti Fourth of July.” The cover had an American flag with black duct tape replacing the red stripes.

A Good Heart

While on a walk I noticed a small folded piece of paper sticking up from the grass with “READ” printed on it in a demanding fashion.

No Nuthin

I found this sticking to a traffic cone inside the University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Center. I’m assuming it’s a wet paint sign, but there was nothing being painted that I saw.    

Here in the Manor

Found a bunch of half-empty spice jars and a pair of work boots sitting on top of a garbage can outside of a mall. Underneath the spices was this note.

Bike Fight

I found this photo caught in an air conditioning unit outside my apartment complex at Eastern Illinois University. I don’t know what these guys are fighting about, but I’m sure it has something to do with the broken bike.

This Bunny Likes to Dance

About a week before Easter while walking my dog near Ohio and Noble street, I came across this. It brought a huge smile to my face! Unfortunately, a young child lost their Easter Bunny who likes to dance.