Dear Nerdy Swimmer

My co-worker found this by the computers the other day (we work at the public library). No one saw the kid who left it, but we wanted the kid to know that we hope he/she makes it to state and a good college later on!

Patrick’s Accomplist

A bunch of friends and I took the safe bus to the bars downtown for some drinks and good times. Right when we got off at our stop, we found this gem laying on the sidewalk. Perfect way to start the night off!


I found a series of black & white photos from a thrift store going out of business.

Beware of Gremlins

Found on the last stall of the Ladies’ restroom at a wedding.

Bike Repair

I found this in a city park.


Found slipped inside a copy of Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper, by Art & Laurie Pepper, purchased at a bookstall in Swiss Cottage, London.

Doesn’t Like My Butt

This was in the back of a sketchbook I found in the UCSD Visual Arts facility. It made my day.

Bertha and Mom

Found this old school small square black and white photo of “Bertha and Mom” (so it states on the back) while walking to work the other day at the corner of S. Charles St. and Ostend St. in Federal Hill, Baltimore. It was in the gutter and had been driven over numerous times, but when … Continued

Dear Tooth Farey

I found this while going through old papers.

To Mother

Found this in my front yard while mowing.