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    Gladys Knight’s next song…

  • I Don’t Know Me Either

    Is this Valentine’s Week at Found?

  • Chrome Toaster

    Awww, thanks, Gres.

  • Brittsbro

    This is one of the sweetest messages I have ever read. I wish there were more people who took the time out to write sentimental notes like this instead of texting or writing messages on Facebook.


    How to make your wife love you again

  • orinocowomble

    The sad part is that the person who recieved it left it behind on the table with the dirty napkins. Guess they didn’t feel the same about Gregg.

  • You Don’t Know Me

    no prob, 4 u, n e thing

  • Conse1952

    Seems a little double-edged to me. “See you for who you are”, not the words of love…Maybe that is why it was left behind.
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  • http://bia.se/avloppstankar/ Avloppstankar

    This is so sweet. Got a huge smile across my face when reading this….but then I realized this note was obviously left behind. If I got a handwritten note like that, I would definitely not have left it behind! Poor Greg.

    Anita Fettavskiljare

  • cassandrajank

    This is an intriguing find as it could be read two ways. Has the author found his other half or discovered the true person behind the mask? I must admit since finding Found Magazine I’ve keep more eyes more peeled especially during my travels which I do a lot of.
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