Wishing Tree


FOUND by Julian Kwok in Hermosa Beach, California

Found this near a store’s Christmas tree “wishes” display. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

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6 thoughts on “Wishing Tree

  1. I’ve got nothing snarky, sarcastic, or derisive to say about this.

  2. Down’s syndrome is a “special ability?” That sounds like when they wanted to call the disabled “differently abled.” Which to me would mean that if you couldn’t walk, you could however fly, or breathe under water, or something. Now that would be a special ability, and make you “differently abled” than others.

  3. And I’m not being snarky, sarcastic or derisive about the disabled. About the PC language tribe, maybe.

  4. I think “special ability” must have been the was Luca’s parents taught him to think of his sister’s condition. Part of America’s no-fail childhood culture where everyone in the class gets a “good effort” award, every team member gets a “participation” ribbon, every reader gets a “number of books read” prize, and every music student gets a “best ensemble member” plaque. High self-esteem is its own reward.

  5. The ability to give immense love and affection, the ability to always be joyous, even when cruelly mocked or looked down upon; the ability to see to the simplest, most fundamental truths, when even your parents are fearful and worried about the uncertain future; these are but a few of the truly special abilities of those with Down’s Syndrome.

  6. WTF is wrong with down syndrome??? My sister has it and it just enhances her awesomeness.

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