Use My Eyes


FOUND by Ian Westray against a low retaining wall near a school

Seems like a classic case of someone who’s been coming on a little strong, and wants to explain that she or he is trying to tone things down. “I will now use my eyes to make contact with you” may go badly wrong, but I love to imagine the writer trying.

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5 thoughts on “Use My Eyes

  1. Oddly, it was only AFTER he wrote the note of apology to SaraBeth that the school administration caught on to the fact that Mr. Greeble was having random inappropriate relationships with his students. Nobody could really document the leers and ogling, but an actual ink-on-paper written “confession” couldn’t be ignored. Especially when SaraBeth put the note on all her social media outlets along with copies of his tweets to her.

    What nobody could understand in the aftermath was that Greeble was the nerdy computer teacher at the high school and really should have known better about leaving paper trails AND digital breadcrumbs.

  2. I miss our computer nerds, who can tell us if there’s more on the other side. This note seems incomplete, like it starts in the middle of a sentence.
    That said, the guy IS totally creepy. If he’s really going to leave her alone he should just…leave her alone. Obviously he’s not going to.

  3. It does look like there’s writing on the other side, doesn’t it? The whole page down. Which just makes this an even worse ‘apology’ note: way too long.

  4. This is Ian, who found this one.

    I’m pretty sure this was written by a girl to her crush, and not the other way around. It actually included names, Hmong names, originally; when I sent it in a while back it felt like good manners to wipe those. The writer’s name was female, though. (Also: hearts with angel wings?)

    The other side was almost completely effaced.

  5. Creepier yet…like that Australian film about the two girls who were crushes and ended up kiling one of them’s mother. Can’t remember the title.

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