Room 391


FOUND by Franklin W. in the Westwood Library

This is a library check out receipt, for a book called Before I Fall. I love the absolute seeming mundane nature of the note, the impossibly small perfect handwriting, and then the final Room 391. Tiramisu leads to a double date query, which leads to a hot tub session, and then they’re in the room.

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2 thoughts on “Room 391

  1. During the night in (first #3), I can understand cooking and baking, but “watch”? Watch what? Watch the cooking? The baking? Watch Patty in the hot tub (second #3)?

    I would also feel better if there were a second #5 to balance the two lists.

    (By the way Reunion Tower is a 561 ft (171 m) observation tower and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dallas, Texas. There are several “Westwood Library” names around the country, some in Dallas.)

  2. This Westwood Library is in Los Angeles, near UCLA. The second #5 must be what happens after room 391…

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