Let’s All Sing Like the Dirdies Sing


FOUND by Brian Giwojna in Decatur, Georgia

This was found inside a book in a book store. I don’t remember which book it was specifically, but it was a very old. This seems to be a menu someone who chose their meal from. It could be from a hospital maybe? The person, who I guess can go by the name of Chaunell, chose the cheddar cheese squares, buttered noodles, toast and pureed peaches. I like how they underlined milk and added in Sanka.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s All Sing Like the Dirdies Sing

  1. Meals-on-Wheels receipt? (this librarian isn’t old enough from personal experience to know what they look like)

    I’d just hate to be the person having to check “number 2″ to see whether more food should be delivered next time.

  2. Nursing home or hospital menu, most likely.
    Cheddar cheese squares, buttered noodles, toast and pureed peaches. And milk.
    I wasn’t aware that a “bland diet” excluded all forms of meat?
    Pretty carb-heavy, anyway. Noodles and toast? Ugh.
    Memories of many a Saturday spent at the local retirement home in my teens, reading aloud for the elderly. Often they insisted I have lunch with them “as payment” (ie “please don’t go home yet, I’m lonely”). Somehow I always ended up sitting at the “bland diet table.” Those menus would make you weary of life, and I mean it. To the lonely old folks who looked forward to meals to break up the monotony, they must have been the most unkindest cut of all.

  3. Bland diet #3. To be consumed while listening to Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 and Mambo #5.

    I wonder what the additional charge for the not-already-listed Sanka might have been.

    If you please, I would like a phonetic pronunciation of the Finder’s last name. gih-WOZH’-nuh?


  4. haha it’s go-woin-ah and yes it’s Polish, so technically it would be go-voin-ah

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