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  1. And by now she’s eating a bland diet — noodles AND toast — after “singing like the dirdies sing.” Tempus fugit. Sic transit gloria (G-l-o-r-i-a, Glo-o-o-o-oria! — on in this case, I guess, “Sic transit Celia; C-e-[e]-l-i-a, Ce-e-e-e-lia!)

  2. Celia, you’re breakin my heart, you’re shakin my confidence daily.
    Oh Ce-celia, I’m down on my knees, I’m beggin ya please to come home. Come on home.”

  3. Celia looks like this middle eastern lady in a National Geographic documentary. This lady became very excited whenever they found an artifact in some ancient egyptian king’s tomb. I mean really excited, …orgasmic excited.

  4. Hey Feeling!! Good to see you post again!! Most days it’s just me and Librarian from the old gang.

  5. How sad. That’s the exact reason I went away! *Sigh* I’ll check back tomorrow.

  6. Found’s on vacation again…catch up at cantbearsed.com
    (I was kidding, there isn’t one. But we feel your pain.

  7. How about this (for old times’ sake): “Hey, she looks like an aspiring American Apparel model!”

  8. I think this woman dated a Notre Dame football star back in the 1950s. IF, that is, she ever really existed.

  9. Remember, waaaaaaay back in the day when it was but ONE Find per WEEK and there were no comments to leave or read? Yeah. It feels like Old Times. I mean, there might as well be no comments since half the time when I leave one it vanishes into the ether.

    James? why hast thou forsaken us?

    Wicked Cool to see Feel in g Incoherent here though, I must say.

  10. (at second glance, I think I typed Feeling’s name incorrectly. should have been Feeling in coherent. but since there’s no archive to research I cannot verify. either way I suppose is valid, since everyone had fun playing with the pre-set “IN” field. love you longtime, Found.)

  11. Thank you Chrome Toaster. Nice to be back. However, I hope this single find being here for a week is not a sign of things to come. Or perhaps I should be taking this personally – I check back in after 3-4 of years, and the finds stop coming.

  12. As to the name, I actually had to think a while to remember my “name”. It was Feeling in Coherent. And since the “in” is no longer there by default, I dropped the space. I also noticed the lack of old posts. Did they switch servers or something? I’m guessing something like that would drop all the old stuff.

  13. They revamped the whole thing- most of the old Finds have been added to this new site, but not all of them have the comment feature turned on. For a while, one could sneak in a “back door” and still visit the old site (comments still in tact), but eventually that went away, too. sucks. Once in a while I harass Davy or James on Facebook about salvaging all the old, fun stuff, but they really DO have a lot of irons in the fire, and I guess we’re just expected to.. move on. (noooo! I do so enjoy living in 2006 or 07) Sadly, we still hadn’t finished compiling trivial data for the Found Magazine Board Game, the Recipe Book or the Found Lexicon. bummer. The world will have to wait.

    Somewhere I have a list compiled of various websites that posters had shared in the comments, but have no clue where I left it.

  14. I have NO idea what happened to the last line there. I guess Found has issues with angle brackets.

  15. Or, wait! Maybe each day’s photo is very subtly different from the others. Maybe we’re supposed to notice and point out the differences. “Oh, look! Today’s version has two flakes of dandruff showing on her right shoulder that weren’t there yesterday!!”

    Either that or this is “Groundhog Day”.

  16. The one and only time Found decided to give its followers and fans the power of HTML, people screwed things up so royally that the power was revoked almost immediately. I got what you were saying though (kind of. well. close enough).

  17. Is the kid from Untitled #1 the same as the kid from Untitled #5?



    And dear, sweet, kind, lovable Found, why are comments closed for the historical Finds? I understand (meaning have read the Fine Print) that all Finds and subsequent comments are the sole property of Found Magazine (hopefully YOU are working on the book that had been suggested), but .. but… hmm. Never mind. Forgot what I was going to say.

  18. Hmm on the plus side, when you paste in a URL, the New Found will parse it and magically create a hyperlink for you. Good to know. All right then. I’m going to go have a lengthy and meaningful conversation with Cleverbot.


  19. How long would it take the Found computer nerds to post a notice saying they’re on vacation, or whatever? They keep doing this. It’s not even midterm break, or a holiday, or anything.

  20. OK. Obviously nothing to discuss again. So I’m just curious. How did you find “Found”? Where did you hear about this site? For me, I heard about it through “This American Life” – probably about 7 years ago.

  21. This just in … Brian Giwojna’s Find titled “Celia” just broke into the list of “Top 10 Most Commented-On Finds”.

    Of course the comments are by the same few people.

    Stretched out over more than a week.




  22. It’s been a long time but I think I found it via Post Secret. I gave up on Post Secret a couple of years back…I dunno, it just seemed like voyeurism.

  23. I found Found while living in Seattle, sometime either late summer or early fall of 2002. I worked for a really cool company that dealt with really cool clients (artists, musicians, fun people) and one such cool client told me about Found.

    I checked it out. at that time, Found offered one Find a week, and the comment feature hadn’t been added yet, so it wasn’t very exciting back then. It was easy to forget about the site for a while, then suddenly think of it again, check back in and catch up.


  24. I don’t remember how I found Found. Saw some link to a particularly interesting Find on some other site like BoingBoing, or on a library-related site of some sort.

  25. It is. It IS! That’s the point for non secret-sharers, I think.

    I’ve shared a secret that got posted to the site within a week (no, I’m not telling what it was). These days a lot of the secrets seem focused on sexual stuff, or are not very clearly revelatory (“what IS that person talking about?”), and they aren’t as artistically presented as the earlier ones seemed to be. Picky, picky, picky.

  26. I don’t know…I just have a problem with the site owner clearly making money off other people’s angst. All the travelling, the tours etc…I somehow doubt it’s about altruism.Is it a humanitarian art project or just a way to make money from the isolation and pain of others and the voyeurism of the readers, while making the project’s originator feel good about himself? Sometimes I get the feeling it’s like “Look at me, I get emails from all over the world” etc.
    I could be totally wrong and I hope I am.

  27. Orinoco, you’ve put into words exactly how I”ve felt about post secret for quite a while now.. Somehow it doesn’t prevent me from checking in every Sunday, but the huge money that appears to be involved in it (ticket sales, talk fees, book sales, etc) seems antithetical to the supposed purpose.
    They do raise and and contribute funds for suicide prevention though, so… okay.

    Librarian, I think it’s very cool that you got a Secret published!

  28. Thanks, Chromey. I particularly remember a girl who was a victim of sexual abuse starting a fashion for tattooing a small black hand on your skin as a statement. As a victim of child sexual abuse myself, I think that’s backward. If you keep the mark, your abuser continues to win, because they are always in your thoughts and people are always asking you about the mark. The best revenge is living well, and that includes the monster losing their power over your mind.

  29. PostSecret has turned into a kind of industry. But, as usual, I don’t spend any money on it (don’t buy the books, buy tickets, etc.). People want some kind of voyeuristic experience, I think, and maybe on that site they’ll also gain a little empathy?

    Or do folks revel in the Schadenfreude (to use the 10 Euro word) of the secrets being revealed?

  30. Cease Celia! You’re breaking my heart.

    You’re repeating appearances daily.

    Please cease Celia, I’m down on my knees

    I’m begging you please for new finds.

    For new finds.

  31. Yep. In fact I just used that word last week on the Face Book, babbling about the grim state of American television with it’s overabundance of “reality” TV shows. “as long as it’s not me it’s entertaining, and it means ‘I’m ok.’ ” wretched world.

    so how do YOU pronounce it? SHY’ dun froid? SHAY dun frood?

  32. Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.

    Maybe they’re just waiting FOR Groundhog’s day to change the Find. it’s only a week or so away.

  33. I first heard an interview, probably with the Rothbart Brothers, on NPR while driving home from work. It might have been “This American Life.” Not sure. Immediately I thought it was the coolest idea I ever heard of, and went home and set Found to my home page. Not sure what year it was, but probably 2005. The summer of 2006 I found “The Stranger” in the used copy of “L’Etranger” while in Nice. I’m pretty sure that was my first Found submission. I didn’t start joining the comment conversations until after Ancient Vivi. I still like the old format better than this one. But those creative Found guys.. they have many irons in the fire. I can hardly blame them for not keeping up with the website. Just glad it’s still here at all, and thankful for my circle of found friends!

  34. What if…I actually died last week and that’s the reason I can’t see any new finds?

  35. Drat!

    I’m probably going to get all unsettled and confused if Found ever posts a new Find again.

  36. It seems that my return has caused confusion. Why don’t I stop checking the site for a few years? As soon as they figure I’m gone, they will post new finds. And when you need a break, I’ll come back and the finds will stop.

  37. Early 2007, at my local podunk library, an old issue of Found Magazine caught my eye from a bookshelf. I checked it out and saw the web address for Found. I lurked for many months before I ever commented.

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