Treadmill Duck


FOUND by Kateri in Chicago, Illinois

Found on the sidewalk in my neighborhood in April of 2012. They didn’t show up on the scan, but the paper actually has dusty shoeprints on it from being walked over. It’s been posted on my refrigerator since then, but I’m moving and it has to go. I thought FOUND would make a nice home for this masterpiece of the strange.

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6 thoughts on “Treadmill Duck

  1. I just LOVE how the little ceramic kitty has that confused look on its face! I mean, who wouldn’t be confused to see a duck waddling its way along a treadmill?

  2. Duck is so accommodating, building up the muscles to provide a bigger Christmas dinner.

  3. BTW this reminds me of an old Warner Bros cartoon where Bugs Bunny helps a turkey get skinny before Thanksgiving so he won’t be killed, while Daffy eats all the food that’s supposed to fatten the gobbler.

  4. To me the kitty looks bummed more than confused. Wondering how he allowed himself to become so roly poly. wondering just how long that darn duck is going to be on the treadmill because he, Kitty, really needs a workout. (although secretly he hopes that gym time ends with duck still on the treadmill, because more than anything, Kitty hates excircising, and really, all he wants is another cheezburger.)

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