To the Rescue


FOUND by Reese in downtown Roanoke, Virginia

I was walking with my boyfriend to an event on Thanksgiving Day and I found this picture face down on the sidewalk. The back says “James 11-21-2012.” I’m assuming it came from the Rescue Mission down the street.

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  • orinocowomble

    Obviously not a animal rescue, then…but I’m sure it’s more than just a chicken outfit. 11-21-12? It was quickly Lost, quicker Found, and quickest of all Posted!

  • Picky Picky

    I am very concerned about the proximity of the cooked (and presumably ready to serve) birds to those that are currently being thawed (improperly) and prepared for roasting. This kitchen is a cross-contamination nightmare. But at least he gets to wear a nice chef’s hat!

  • orinocowomble

    Perhaps you could contact the Rescue Mission and express your concerns. Just google Roanoke Va downtown rescue missions. If you copied the picture to them, they might recognise the cook and change their protocols.

    Or not.

  • Librarian in the Woodwork

    Maybe these are the rabbits from that pre-Thanksgiving black and white photo. Taste just lke chicken, they say.i