The Vince Gill Shirt


FOUND by Todd Gastelum in Nashville, Tennessee

Sifting through old papers, I rediscovered this note, which I originally found posted on a bulletin board at a gay bar in Nashville in 1997. It is written on the back of a photocopied flyer for a retail store named OUTLOUD! Books & Gifts for Our Entire Community. (Check out our new video rental section!) At the time, it just seemed funny that someone would pin this to a corkboard in a bar. Now, 15 years later, it just seems sad and desperate and so … retro, in this age of Craigslist and smartphone apps specifically designed to work better than serendipity. I enjoy how directly the writer communicates his offer; it seems odd, however, that he wishes the reader good luck when it is he, David, who obviously needs it.

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8 thoughts on “The Vince Gill Shirt

  1. “Willing to do anything with anyone” sounds like prostitution, but few pros offer to pay expenses. They might trade services for a place to crash, but more than that I just read quiet desperation in this note.
    I find it…interesting…that Todd felt the need to acquire this find. By taking it off the bulletin board, he blocked David’s chances of getting lucky and finding a place to sleep. Or did he talk to the guy in the Vince Gill shirt first?
    BTW–what IS a Vince Gill shirt, exactly?

  2. I find it sad, really deeply sad, when ANYone has to advertise for intimacy. Because, really, if you had to advertise for it and money changed hands in any way, it wasn’t really intimate, and it wasn’t really “good”. It was a cold, commercial transaction, a business deal. Sad. That’s all it is.

  3. Yeah, I googled in the end. Turns out to be Amy Grant’s second hubby. I thought a Vince Gill shirt might be something like a Pierre Cardin suit or something.

  4. He had me until the Vince Gill shirt reference. Sorry, David, even though I could’ve used that $200 or $300

  5. odd yes. But judging by the change in the capital letters from the actual letter to the ‘good luck’ david didn’t write the ‘good luck’ someone else did, particularly noticed in the ‘G’ of good compared to the ‘G’ of Gill….

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