Summer Is Now Quite Past


FOUND by Kathleen Kyllo inside a used novel

I found this love letter while I was in college and I’ve kept it for about ten years. When I found it I was already well rehearsed in love letters, having dated someone in New York for a year before moving out here from Wisconsin. We had a great time for a couple years and then moved on.

Over time, I’ve come to love the following lines for their resilience: “And the emptiness I feel in your absence hasn’t changed. I have learned not to occupy my time in dwelling on it, but it hasn’t gone away.”

Did she ever rewrite it? Was she writing for herself? Did her person visit? Who knows.

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7 thoughts on “Summer Is Now Quite Past

  1. Do you suppose she came to see him even without him having finished and sent the letter?

    Seems nicely written, though.

    Or is it HER letter to HIM? (In which case he was in it just for the sex and did indeed show up without having received the letter.)

  2. Is the writer military or European? The format for the date seems to suggest one or the other.

  3. By the date format, handwriting, and use of certain turns of phrase such as “hullo” for Hello and “quite past”, I’d say yes, European.

  4. Wow! That looks exactly like MY handwriting! Did you find the letter in Wisconsin? I live in Wisconsin! I’ve started a multitude of letters expressing my yearnings myself. Don’t believe this could be mine, but wow, the handwriting is uncanny….

  5. I don’t think he ever sent the letter…He continued another paragraph but never finished it.

  6. The most baffling aspect is: why would s/he alienate his/her friends by making them wash dishes?

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