Speaking Out Loud


FOUND by Colleen Lynch in a Goodwill changing room

I couldn’t help but take the notes with me. It’s so funny sometimes the things that bother people. I immediately wanted to know who this person was and the story behind them.

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  • orinocowomble

    I am so glad I don’t know this person, have to work with them etc. This seems to be a growing trend of total intolerance of others. For this guy, we mustn’t even speak…we might disturb him. Everyone else just kinda messes up his world, ya know? I don’t think his coworker is the one with the knowitall problem. I wonder what kind of AV “advice” he was giving…maybe it was total nonsense and Pockers felt she had to intervene.

  • Librarian in the Woodwork

    We all just wish the voices in our heads would write notes instead of speaking out loud. That’s be enough for us.

  • Mike

    I know this might sound weird but I stumbled onto this website and realized that the top note…is mine.