So Ergent


FOUND by Dave Nalesnik on the sidewalk

I found this one a while back while out walking my dog. Not really sure what it is, but I like to imagine it’s someone trying to work some magic by stating their desire to the universe by writing it down. I guess they really wanna lose that cherry!

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3 thoughts on “So Ergent

  1. Look at how the writer wrote the ‘g’ in ‘virgin’. it doesn’t seem to make much sense that he/she would write a ‘g’ in a completely different way several words later. I think that 7th word is “ersent”, a massive misspelling of ‘innocent’.

    But that’s just me… and my experience with semi-literates.

  2. I thought that said “urgent”, like it was urgent that someone (the writer? their main squeeze) lose their virginity or something. “So virgin, so urgent”. It kind of rhymes. “Sometimes I wonder” (what the big deal is? What sex is like?) So many questions.

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