Paths Far Apart


FOUND by Justin Tyler in Denver, Colorado

I found this in the back of a journal I was flipping threw in an ARC thrift store just outside of Denver. It blows my mind that this heart-to-heart letter sat unread and untouched for almost 30 years. It might have been a rough draft, but the journal I found it in had no other pages torn out that I could see and nothing else was written in it. Why it never made it to Lisa I guess is up for speculation. Thank you Jon, Now your letter was’ent written in vain.

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2 thoughts on “Paths Far Apart

  1. I’m pretty sure this was written by the now former girlfriend/wife of David, whose search for the perfect Vince Gill shirt admirer we read in yesterday’s Find. Jan, too, found out about David’s quest. Wisely, she cut things off (NOT a reference to Lorena Bobbitt!) and started a new life without him.

  2. Why does the Finder assume it lay “unread and untouched for 30 years?” Surely it didn’t sit in the thrift store for 30 years. Maybe the writer or recipient held onto it, read it often, and smiled over it…and then stuff happened and it ended up at the thrift store maybe last week, week before.

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