Not Afraid


FOUND by Connor Lawless in Bristol, England

I found this three years ago, when working as a waiter at TGI Friday’s.
I was cleaning tables, and found this note written on a napkin. I’m not sure if it’s a message for themselves, or a message for who ever ould find it.

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  • orinocowomble

    Tomorrow is not my problem. Getting through each today is another story.

  • Librarian in the Woodwork

    And left lots of room at the bottom of the page to write things down the next day … but tomorrow crept out of the inky depths and grabbed the writer’s ankle, pulling her down into a vortex of despair. Tomorrow’s no worry. It can’t get you. But as soon as it turns into “today” . . . look out!

    In other words, what orinocowomble said!

  • Chrome Toaster

    Nice Find for today, the alleged and much touted “end of the World.”

  • LQTMinVA

    there’s something scary about it, to me