From My Levatoranz


FOUND by Paul Markowicz at The Strand Bookstore, Manhattan, New York

No idea what a Levatoranz or a Bulbospongiosus are, but it does seem that “J” really loves Matthew. This was found in a book outside at The Strand bookstore in New York City in the $1 books section.

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7 thoughts on “From My Levatoranz

  1. Question: Why does my wireless mouse lock up every time I come on Found? I have to open it, remove the battery, and put it back again to free it up. When I do that, the screen beeps at me. It doesn’t happen on any other website in the world.

  2. It’s much more fun if you know what they are. They’re muscles of the pelvis found in both males and females. It’s levator ani, the name pretty much meaning the thing that holds up the anus. In females it contracts during arousal and lifts the uterus and makes the vagina longer. The bulbospongiosus is partially responsible for erection in the male and is also the muscle you’re clenching when you squeeze out the last few drops of urine. These folks get it on. Annie Levator would be a hilarious drag queen name.

  3. Ok…Bulbospongiosus. I couldn’t read it very well and was thinking Sponge Bob-osis was probably some disease contracted from watching too much Nickelodeon.

  4. Dirty, dirty, DIRTY!
    (or.. uh oh, looks like J is a 3rd year Med. Student..)

    PhiiiiiiL! Thanks for coming in early and doing all the Googling for us.

    I would like to know if Paul Markowicz actually purchased the $1 book from outside, or just took the Find. Also, what was the title of the book in which it was Found.

    Ovcoarse, these are things that will likely never be known.

  5. Google schmoogle. I’ve been acquainted with my own and quite a few other levators ani for a long time.

  6. Perhaps you should check your Mouse’s levator ani. If you can’t or don’t know how or where to find it, ask Phil. he’s well acquainted. Bahaha HUMBUG. Happy Christmas Adam.

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