Forever Your Barbara


FOUND by Adam in Gastonia, North Carolina

I was in a thrift store a few years back, thumbing through a 1960s psychology textbook, when this fell out of the pages. From what I gather, Barbara was in love with a guy named Donald, and I guess Donald threw the picture in his textbook and tucked it away in the closet, only to donate the books years later. Most people can identify with loving someone who doesn’t love you back; but, the key to weathering the letdown is to wear a nice broach for picture day.

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  • orinocowomble

    Sad eyes, no smile…poor Barbara. And this was an official yearbook picture. She looks like she’s about to, not burst into tears, but just quietly overflow. I hope she found happiness with someone who wouldn’t just stick her photo somewhere and forget it.

  • Librarian in the Woodwork

    Barbara, who had always liked Jan but got no positive feedback from him (see yesterday’s Find) only learned on the morning of class photos that Jan was breaking up with his long time girlfriend and mentor Lisa in order to spend more time with David (see day before yesterday’s Find). Jan had even given David one of those Vince Gill shirts to wear in HIS class photo. Barbara was understandably heartbroken. It showed in her yearbook photo. She was still in mourning for lost love weeks later when the enlargements arrived and she slipped a signed one into David’s locker.

    High school really sucks sometimes.

  • Amy Winehouse

    Hope you’ve found happiness Babs.

  • Amber Dawn

    She looks like my friend’s mom, whose name was also Barbara. They’re at least 4 hours away from Gastonia, though, and I haven’t seen her since high school so I’ll probably never get to ask.

  • orinocowomble

    Was she happy when you were in highschool?

  • Guest

    Amber, can you ask your mom if this is she?

  • Clover_in_the_Lawn

    Amber, can you ask your mom if this is her friend? Do you remember Barbara’s last name? Maybe you could find her and send her the photo.

  • Clover_in_the_Lawn

    What we need to see is what is written on the back of this photo. Maybe tomorrow.

  • Ian in Edinburgh

    Barbara actually looks like a transgendered man. In a good way.

  • Adam, the guy who posted this.

    The flipside image was, sadly, not included. The letter reads as follows:

    “With All My Love In 1964-65 + Forever

    I love you Donald so much that words can never tell you how I feel. So as my heart beat on my love for you stay’s deep in my heart. Your feeling might be different but as long as I can see you and feel your hand on mind are whenever you touch me I will feel better and I’ll know you is close. As I pray to god not to let know one take you always I say let me love him forever and ever. So darling love me and let me know it.

    Love Always”

  • orinocowomble

    Oh, yeah. Definitely unrequited love. She knows it but doesn’t want to accept it. Very sad. We’ve all been there but few write it down big for the beloved to read (or in this case, ignore.)