5 thoughts on “Dear Stephanie

  1. Dear Stephanie,
    You were wise to throw this note in the garbage. Stay far away from the writer, who is an angry young man. He needs a few of those “lessons”, mine thinkit. I smell control freak and possible abuser. Even his handwriting is scary.

  2. I love the tape lines on this one. but good LORD, I want to seek out and KILL the author of this ass-whole Letter on an Index Card.

  3. Dear You. I’m telling you now- you need some improvements. Let’s begin with penmanship, and move on to spelling, grammar, punctuation and the vital skill of stringing coherent thoughts together.

    “..you are going to have to learn a lesson. You really need it.” Are you kidding me? Listen to Orinoco and beeswax. This dude’s a psycho. Of course, you may be no better off with “that trader.” (does he mean traitor? Or is the other dude a day trader? Does he work at Trader Joe’s? no matter, Steph. Turn. Run.)

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