9 thoughts on “Will You Kiss Me After School

  1. Dear Magen (I assume that name used to be Megan?)
    Never push a guy your age. What did it was signing yourself “Your girlfriend Magen”. You took away the feeling of having a choice, and boys that age hate girls anyway. Try to be a little less desperate, girl. Pretending he doesn’t exist would probably help.
    Date should come before kiss anyway.
    You’ll learn this, and you’ll probably have plenty of years to do it in.
    Take a chill pill.

  2. That doofus broke her poor little heart! He’ll be paying for this forever. The bad karma generated at this early age is going to be washing back over Savion for years and years. Magen is going to be the only girl ever who wants him to kiss her. EVER! And when he’s old and grey, he’ll think back on the fatal decision to check the “No” box and rue this day.

    Totally aside from the fact that kids this age shouldn’t be thinking about kissing and dates and all that grown-up stuff.

  3. You have to love the tags applied to this Find. Ypsilanti.. pretty much where Found all began. Or at least where it hit its stride.

    Is Magen such a terrible speller that she can’t even spell her own name correctly? Looks like Savion originally checked yes, then had second (and third!) thoughts. on the back, you can see Magen’s last name, but not Savion’s.

  4. Not only did he check “no,” he also checked “never.” Since they’re probably both in 4th grade, neither one of them is probably terribly attractive. In 10 years Savion will probably see her all grown-up and gorgeous on Facebook and be totally sorry. Or she’ll see him on Facebook and feel really, really glad he didn’t check the “yes” box.

  5. We’ve been looking at her name incorrectly. It’s actually pronounced “Muh-ZHEN” because it’s an endearing form of her full name “Magenta.” She was named for the huge, dark birthmark she sports.

  6. This is totally true! That Savion will be telling stories the rest of his life. THey’ll all start “Hey, you know that gorgeous supermodel named Magen? Well, we went to school together and she used to BEG me to make out with her! All the time. No, really!!”

  7. There are several observations of the weird spelling of Magen’s name, but I am the only one who has never heard of the name “Savion?”

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