Stuff to Talk to Dad About


FOUND by Dawna in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I purchased a bag of blank journals from a local thrift store. There was a little notebook tucked inside with a cute little elephant watermark on the pages. I flipped throught it and found this note about halfway through. I hope this father and daughter were able to work it out.

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3 thoughts on “Stuff to Talk to Dad About

  1. Ah second marriages (if indeed they are married). It’s hard for grown up kids to accept that their parents have lives that don’t involve them. I am so lucky, in a week’s time will be our 30th WA and we are still crazy about each other. We do work at it, however.

  2. Not all second marriages work out poorly for the kids. My guess is that before the evil Rhonda came along, Dad wasn’t all that attentive to his daughters — it just wasn’t so obvious that he was ignoring them. At least now the girls can understand what Mom was saying when she told them “Dad’s just so distant. We don’t talk. We don’t have anything in common any more.”

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