Starting Early


FOUND by Kinsleigh

It was somewhere around my 12th birthday when my mom bought me a teen devotional from a thrift store. I was flipping through the book when this picture fell out. I showed it to my mother. She told me to pray for her. So I did. And I have been, for years now.

I have always secretly hoped that I might meet her one day, and she’ll be living a pleasant, wonderful life.

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6 thoughts on “Starting Early

  1. Awww! What an adorable photo! Enexelent Finder’s Blurb, too. Cute little Find made my day! Kinsleigh, in what city was this Found? I wonder if the date of the photo is encoded in the number sequence in the border. 03-05-02? (or is it a letter sequence? Leosi hii)

    Happy Wednesday, Found Denizens.

  2. Kinsleigh, you may have done more good than you’ll ever know. Well done you.
    Good to seeya, Chromey.

  3. Hey, she’s reading. At an early age. Anyone with a love of books has GOT to turn out well, right?

    (and all your Foundians were hoping that was ME as a proto-librarian, too; no such luck)

  4. That has to be the photo studio’s tracking number. Unless you’re right about reading it in that direction; then it’s a coded message from the Soviets.

  5. Kinsliegh is the kind of person we need more of in this world. As is the child in this photo.

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