Sit on It


FOUND by Stephen Fabes in Uganda

It’s the collection of little differences that I enjoy when I’m abroad, and this was a great reminder I was far from home. It was taped to a toilet cubicle in Uganda, presumably after they had to keep wiping mud of the toilet seat.

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12 thoughts on “Sit on It

  1. OK, my comment vanished into cyberspace so I’ll post again. Looks like Found is trying to fool us into thinking that they’ve been posting fresh Finds all week. As if the faithful Foundhounds hadn’t been fruitlessly ferreting about in frantic frenzy for the Find of the festive days!

  2. Exactly! I thought … “Waaait a minute! I looked yesterday and all I got was a lousy rabbit. Am i going nuts?”

  3. So, really, we’re just hoping that all Ugandans read basic English?

    And I think that if it’s “Western” that means you straddle it, whereas on an “English” toilet you’d sit side saddle fashion? In case you’re still confused here’s some more about the difference between Western and English from

    English and Western Disciplines:

    After learning the basics of either style there is a wide range of sports you can try. Here are just a few:

    Team penning
    Speed Games
    Trail Classes
    Pleasure and Equitation Classes
    Trail riding

    English or English Country Pleasure
    Mounted Games
    Hunter Pace

    I hope that’s clarified Western toilets for all you Ugandans now.

  4. I just now realised that Found no longer has a Search function for the site so we can’t type in a word and pull up related Finds. That IS a bummer.

  5. Yeah, Found is being bizarre. when I was here 3 hours ago, I only saw posts from Librarian and Orinoco Womble.. Now there’s a 9-hour old post from Phil, who said basically what I said. strange things a-happening. I saw the “fresh” finds yesterday, but up until then all I was seeing was the week-old rabbit.

  6. I believe that most people in Uganda do read English. They are educated in English (as in British) schools.

  7. Whew! It was…it’s right there now, underneath that green poster with the arm on it.

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