One thought on “Phoned Govner

  1. If you waited for a year, he didn’t “lose your number,” you haven’t been “stood up”, he never even knew you existed. This is actually the final chapter in the Brandon Drama. During that year was when Brandon got married to someone else. The girl (shall we call her Megan?) who wrote Oct 30′s Find felt she had to make good on her death threat, but she really didn’t want to *kill* Brandon, since she wanted him for herself; she didn’t mind killing his wife though. In her lucid moments, her better self phoned the Governor to warn someone of what was imminent, but the secretary who listened to her psychotic babbling simply went through the motions of taking down name, phone and home adress, never dreaming any of it was real.
    Megan is giving Brandon one last chance. If he sends her 10.5K she will know it’s a “sign” that he really does love her, but that the other woman trapped him into a loveless marriage. She’s already making plans to “set Brandon free.”

    Wow. Seasonal finds indeed. Happy Halloween–the festivity that just keeps haunting you.

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