Parole Release of My Brother


FOUND by Jodi on the corner of Clinton and East Broadway, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, New York

I had to fight the urge to rewrite and resubmit this for her.

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7 thoughts on “Parole Release of My Brother

  1. Well, since you two are “the onlying one’s living that can take care of” your parents!

    Depending on what he’s locked up for, and all, sounds like he’s done good time. Hey, why not? Wouldn’t be eligible for parole if he hadn’t served a chunk of his sentence, and it seems like it’s really the support former inmates have or don’t have that helps keep them out.

    You go, Jame! Good luck here on the outside!!

    (I’ll ignore the “left-leaning” character of the writing and that it’s written in red. A left-leaning Red. Man, there was a day when that alone would get you sent away for a chunk of time.)

  2. Alzheimer’s. ALZHEIMER’S! Every time I see or hear it as “Old Timer’s”, I die a little inside.

  3. Me too. When you’ve seen it up close you’ll never joke about it again.

    But what’s that bit about father suffering with a stool that had him in the enoc home?

  4. I really hope she typed this before submitting it. The curly-wurly writing in the bright ink made me not want to try to decipher it. I didn’t know that a family member could “recommend” anyone for parole–thought that was strictly prison admin’s call.
    And the ink looks orange on my screen.

  5. parole broad. hee hee.

    it’s odd that it says ..”of my brother Jame(s)..” but then later in the letter the name is blanked out. the ink looks red and black on my monitor. The handwriting, spelling, and incoherence make me sad.

  6. Maybe she was copying it out of a (library) book called “How to Get Your Relative Out on Parole”.

    Or was taking dictation at a class on the same topic taught down at the community center.

  7. Has anybody else seen the “Phoned Govner” Find? I seem to sense a common thread here for the last week or so.

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