FOUND by Ronald in Monrovia, California

I live about five blocks from the boundary of the Angeles National Forest, so it’s a routine thing for bears to come down the alley during the night, knocking over trash carts that I share with several other renters on the property and rummaging through the “goodies.” Cleaning up after the bears is also a routine thing. So the other morning I was sweeping up and noticed this document, which was folded lengthwise in half with a question mark drawn on the back. Naturally, I opened it and read. Here is what I found. I hate having to sit on a secret.

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4 thoughts on “Moveing

  1. Bieber is ubiquitous. He’ll be wherever Daddy is.

    I’m thinking that Mommy must be a real hard case. She doesn’t even get a mention here.

  2. What is bad about a new home and a new job? Unless “Single” means leaving Samantha behind…but then you’ll still have Sabrina!

  3. I really like how the top curvy part of the question mark on the reverse ends in a little frowny-face. That makes the misspelling of MOVING *almost* not matter to me.

    I’m a weirdo, and I haven’t done it in a while, but I LOVE moving.

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