Mon Panda Poo


FOUND by Evie in Norfolk, Virginia

I am taking a photography class at Old Dominion University. Our assignment was to research an artist/photographer and I chose Chuck Close. I went to the school’s art library and was leafing through the Parkett Magazine, Volume 60 when I came across this letter. It is written in French and appears to be a love letter for Jonathan from Rob.

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9 thoughts on “Mon Panda Poo

  1. Oh, yeah…because as we all know stiff, gelled hair is sooo natural. Right. And “imaginary” is the same as “imagination.” Uh-huh. And “Panda-poo” is what you call someone you really care about, just like you call them your “toy.”
    Ugh, ugh, ugh.
    I hope this is an imaginary relationship, for poor Jonathan’s sake.

  2. “Panda Poo” isn’t a term of endearment where I come from. Neither is “Horse Hockey,” “Bird Dropping,” nor “Cow Pie.”

    But then, this is French we’re reading here.

  3. From Google Translate:

    My very dear panda poo
    I like to walk with you hand lovingly and with respect to all. It excites me that people see us. I love spending gel in your hair for you ais air natruel el sexy. You are so beautiful my toy.
    I like things dirty and intimate that we did together. You fed imaginary man. Ideas never fail me as lontemps as you live. You inspirerais least dove artists …
    All my love forever, Rob

  4. It was found in on a search for info about Chuck Close! “L’Etranger”! hmmmm…like an accidentally found Chuck in France when not even looking for him. (Possibly) Plural French connections!

  5. Parfait! This is not only perfect, but a delicious dessert! (My Ghent finds aren’t as awesome as this. Yay for Norfolk!)

  6. “Tu nourris mon imaginaire.” means “You’re feeding my imagination”, nothing imaginary in there.
    “joujou” is a familiar word for jouet (meaning toy), and I’d say is a cute way to call a lover ,-)
    No comments on “Panda-poo”, or about the gel ;-)

  7. Jonathan my very dear Panda Poo (this might come from the British TV show Skins),

    I love to walk hand in hand with you, for all to see. That excites me,
    that everyone sees us (note: the verb exciter in French has a physical
    implication, it often means “to arouse” but can just mean sort of keyed
    up or energetic, like when children can’t sit still). I love putting
    gel in your hair so that you have a natural and sexy aura. You are so
    handsome, my plaything (note: “joujou,” as said below, is really a term
    of endearment so “pet,” “sweet” or “darling” might work just as well but
    the literal meaning comes from “jouet” which is toy).

    I love the dirty and intimate things we have done together. You nourish my
    imagination. Ideas will never elude me for as long as you will live.
    You could inspire the least talented of artists.

    My love for always, Rob

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