Message in a Flashlight


FOUND by Holly P. in Central Wisconsin’s bog country

The basic story is this: I found this message rolled up inside a flashlight in a deserted patch of woods near my home. The area is not well traveled–pretty much me and one older woman, as we both walk our dogs through there. I’ve only visited there once since finding the flashlight with the message. Guess I don’t want to find out who Joey is!

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4 thoughts on “Message in a Flashlight

  1. Looks like Found is trying to kid us that they’ve been posting fresh Finds all week. The faithful Foundhounds are not fooled, Fred.

  2. We obviously care more than they do. It’s happened on another website I’ve frequented for years; they “upgraded” and now nothing works, so the older community have migrated to other venues. Sad really, particularly for people like me who don’t have and don’t want…ugh….Facebook.
    I see my comment has reappeared!

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