Lil Sure Shot


FOUND by Justin Burch inside a copy of Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding LP

A couple of years ago I was thumbing through a bargain bin at a local record store and found a mono pressing of Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding. I was thinking, score!!! Little did I know that the real gem wasn’t this beat up copy of a Bob Dylan record, but was a mysterious letter hidden inside. It contains all the makings of a great drama. Depression, unrequited love and a possible shootout in the end!

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2 thoughts on “Lil Sure Shot

  1. Drama indeed. Is Sandy short for Alexander, or Sandra? Either way, I smell triangle! The handwriting looks female (looks much like my sister’s in fact). “Please don’t tell anyone what I told you in this” and yet I’m gonna put it in writing. Uh-huh. “Maybe I’m exagerrating things.” No, I think maybe you’re inventing things, or as you say, “letting my imagination run wild.” The line about “spilling my blood” and “I’m gonna shoot to kill” reads like an episode of Starsky and Hutch. Ho-hum. Some people are easily bored…or do I mean easily entertained?

  2. A seventh grade social studies assignment: write a letter as you imagine one of the characters we studied this week might have written it. Incorporate historical events from that person’s life (by either recounting them, or by predicting them). Be able to document your allusions from our textbook, the National Archives, or reliable online sources. Any references to Panda Poo will result in immediate failing grade.

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